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  • Forgive me
    580 137 5

    "Forgive me please Ertuğrul Bey..." **** "I'll stay by your side forever Ağabey...." "Eyvallah Bajiyim...." **** "Albasti has to die! He should meet his end soon..." **** It had been 10 years since Ertuğrul Bey migrated to Soğut. 10 peaceful years after defeating the Crusaders. One day Ertuğrul discovers that there is...

  • Unexpected Destiny
    1.1K 212 7

    This story begins when Ertuğrul Bey, the Bey (leader) of the Kayi tribe migrates near the Byzantine border. He seeks justice and truth but within all the heathens and traitors he finds some difficulties until he meets the son of the Bey of the biggest tribe Aliyar Bey. Firstly both of them don't talk much as Aliyar's...

  • Hush (On Hold)
    69 56 3

    Silence can be dreading Silence can be painful Silence can be scary A small noise can make you regret With small children it's nearly impossible not to make noise After the death of her husband, Ruby Smith moves to a small town near a forest in Massachusetts with her two children Jason and Melinda. On the day of t...

  • Tag book
    3.1K 917 100

    Includes random stuff. Tag lots and lots of friends❤ Enjoy!

  • Life as Taylor Swift's younger sister
    405 247 16

    What will you do if you ever find out that you once had a sister but then she got kidnapped? Well the same happened in this story our sweet heart Taylor Swift loses her sister as she gets kidnapped. For many years she can't find her sister but one day on her birthday our queen of pop Selena Gomez decides to help her b...

  • The Slender Man
    86 78 1

    After Shawn was discharged from hospital a new problem came for Miller and Shawn. After their Mom leaves for England a Slender man comes in their house. He hypnotizes Miller to kill Shawn. Will Shawn die? What will happen to the slender man? Read and find it out...

  • The Moon Princess
    261 175 7

    Hannah the moon princess was found by an Irish farmer on his way home. After 17 years of being trapped Hannah escaped and went in a mall there she finds a new friend Darcy. Is it true that she is the moon princess? What will become of Darcy and Hannah? Read and find it out... Cover by: @paridhi_27

    Completed   Mature
  • Am I invisible?(Shawn Mendes Fan Fiction)
    79 77 1

    It's 8th August! Shawn Mendes's birthday! But Shawn finds out an ugly truth that people are saying that Shawn is dead. Nobody listens to him that he is alive. He gets pretty upset for his unfortunate birthday. What will you do if you find out that you are dead and really you aren't? Will anyone trust you? Read and fin...

  • 5 days in Granny's house
    90 97 1

    Miller and Shawn two brothers are trapped in a wicked witch Granny's house. She chases them wherever they go. Shawn gets injured so it's more difficult to escape from granny. Will Miller and Shawn escape? Will Miller be able to escape with his injured brother? Will granny kill them? Read and find it out... Cover by: @...

  • Trapped in Evil Nun's school
    318 99 1

    Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez, Martha, Andrew and I were trapped in evil nun's school. We are doing our best to escape. Will we be able to escape? Will anyone die? What will happen in the end? Read and find it out...

  • Eoin Morgan's trip to the future - journey 4 (last)
    130 119 1

    Eoin Morgan is taken to the future by his own self. How is it possible? Is Morgan in the future or where is he gone? Will his friends know that where he is or not? Read and find it out... Cover by: @belabieber

  • Trip to Jurassic Period - Journey 2
    90 118 1

    A Peterosauria, a flying dinosaur, comes and takes Jason Roy to the Jurassic period. Will Roy know what to do next? Will Roy ever come back to 21st Century or will he be stuck in the Jurassic period forever? Read and find it out...

  • Liam Plunkett's Fear - Journey One
    140 116 1

    What a great victory by England! Wining the ICC cricket tournament was not possible without Liam Plunkett. In a blink of an eye Plunkett disappears. There is green slime where he was last seen. Did the aliens take him or he is playing nasty tricks? Read and find it out...

  • Tom Latham's Unfortunate Birthday - Journey 3
    67 117 1

    When the players reached back to England from the Jurassic period, a vampire came and took Tom Latham. The vampire's will lock him in the vampire leader's coffin. Why would a vampire take Latham on his birthday? Will his friends be able to save him? What will the vampire's want to do with Latham? Read and find it out...