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  • A Book of Wise Thoughts
    187 32 48

    A book of wise thoughts that have gotten me through the days... (These are all personal thoughts; no borrowing/plagiarism involved). Hope you enjoy!

  • Goodness Gracious !
    62 20 10

    Fair enough that Lindy Coleman is offered a job right after graduating from university with a degree in journalism. Unfortunately, the euphoria doesn't last long when her boss gives her the delicate task to convict one of London's most famous bankers and purported criminal. As one thing leads to another, she manages...

  • The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)
    584K 15.4K 55

    Jade Pesado was perfectly happy with her life, but when "bad boy" Ryder Steele moves in next door she doubts his family will be there long. But after an annoying family dinner, Ryder starts seeing her around school and pestering her for his own amusement, will they become friends or will she grow to hate him. Little d...

  • The W.A.F.E. Academy
    1.4K 161 7

    The Four Elements are part of our daily life. We drink water, we use fire to keep us warm, air is keeping us alive and earth is the ground we live on. Just like anyone else, Lissa has never really thought about the elements more than really necessary, until she was forced to. When she discovers her magical powers and...

  • A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away
    120K 6.5K 45

    (Completed) Top Rank: #201 in TEEN FICTION Book #2 of the "Keep Away"- Series Meet Jessica Weathers and Alex Valente: Jessica Weathers is a tough girl whose reputation is rather people's fiction than the actual truth. She doesn't take shit from anyone, although people often hate her for the wrong reasons. Alex Valent...

  • A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Away
    2M 83.7K 66

    (Completed) Top Rank: #3 IN TEEN FICTION #1 IN HUMOR Book #1 of the "Keep Away"-Series What if your life was turned upside down ? Or took a sudden unexpected turn ? Sofía Rivera, a sassy and sarcastic teenage girl, has the pretty average every day life of a normal high school student, including having to deal with a h...

  • Summer Disaster
    1.9K 88 31

    {First Book of the Summer Series} No. #9 on babysitting 08 • 02 •19 Olivia "Liv" Santiago and Trystan Reed are enemies. They hate each other's guts, they can't stand each other and whenever they're in the same room, there's always a War. But this summer they are forced to babysit Olivia's cousin for the whole summer...

  • The Room - The Residents
    43 7 6

    Society went down in the war. The Guardians have therefore sent young people who are healthy and strong enough to an isolated area so that one day they can build a new society. There they work together on a pleasant life, expecting to get out at some point. But this project also has its downsides. Starting with the fa...

  • 12:01
    5.8K 794 21

    The squeal of tires trying to avoid the accident. A crash as the windshield shattered. A scream of horror from the right and back. The thumping of two hearts instead of three. Every night for three months, at 12:01 Addison is held captive by her own mind, hoping for an escape of fear. That is, until she meets the bo...

  • Der Raum - Die Bewohner
    955 216 35

    Die Gesellschaft ist im Krieg untergegangen. Die Hüter haben deshalb Jugendliche, die gesund und stark genug sind, in ein abgegrenztes Areal geschickt, damit sie eines Tages wieder eine neue Gesellschaft aufbauen können. Dort arbeiten sie gemeinsam an einem angenehmen Leben, in der Erwartung, irgendwann wieder rauszuk...

  • Messing With The Bad Boy
    13.4M 457K 48

    #1 in Teen Fiction _ He pushed me against the wall and stepped closer. Our faces were inches apart. He caressed the side of my face gently as his eyes bored into mine. He leaned into me and whispered," Don't mess with me, Stella. I assure you, you will regret it." And with that, he smashed his lips onto mine. _ Stell...

  • The Bell Awards 2018: Fan Fiction (open)
    1.6K 132 9

    [] Teen Fiction entries closed (Judging) [X] Accepting Fan Fiction only (2 spots remaining) The Bell Awards aims to judge books based on their quality and not quantity. These awards are for all authors from 0 till 100K reads and they are currently open for all authors! come inside and check it out

  • Caught In The Boys Locker Room
    258K 13.6K 34

    "Let's see..." He drifted off in thought for a moment. A wide, evil smirk spreads across his face, making me feel nauseous. "Embarrassment, shame, humiliation... and of course, there's also the fact you could get expelled." My eyes widen and my mouth fell open. "Wh-what?" I stammered, staring at him in shock...

  • Books you Have to Read
    149K 2.1K 202

    Books that I've liked and thought everyone should read.

  • Stolen Innocence
    786 47 2

    "Why don't you believe me? I was kidnapped, they tortured me And yet not even my own family wants to care for me What happened to love and care. I don't know what's true and what's not anymore. They all clouded my judgement. I want help and freedom at the same time. They tol...

  • What The Heart Craves - The heart #1 (Completed)
    26.7M 662K 45

    Adonis Grayson has broken my heart more times than I can count. I can't keep putting myself through this. For my own sanity it is time to let go of childhood crushes and move onto the reality he isn't meant for me. But the heart craves what it wants and letting go will be much harder than I ever anticipated.

  • Player Next Door
    1.7M 49.8K 32

    The student council decides to throw the yearly Couple Fest for Juniors because of their high grades. But there's a catch: You can't choose your own partner for the ball. Sean Gilbert. The arrogant, perverted, extremely hot, bad ass leader of the popular clan who loves to just bang every single girl on campus and...

  • Author Interviews - A chat with your favorite authors
    29.1K 1.7K 120

    Everyone has their favourite books and authors. Have you ever wondered, what are they like? Ever wanted to know more about them? How about a little chat with them over a virtual coffee... Meet your authors here... A place where they talk more about themselves and their...

  • Aim High Awards 2017 CLOSED
    29.7K 2.2K 37

    HR: # 213 in Random Aim High Awards is an award for aspiring authors that are still undiscovered! This is a competition for everyone! LOOK INSIDE FOR MORE! (Cover was made by @sinfultruth )

  • The Beauty Awards 2017 [CLOSED]
    13K 1.1K 33

    Do you appreciate the beauty of your book? Are you an undiscovered writer? Being tired of not having any reads and votes? Getting annoyed when a watty winner book always gets the attention? Well this contest is for you...

  • The Tattooed Bad Boy
    12.1M 432K 54

    Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction!! VERY CLICHÉ! *** "He is well known." "He is bad news." "He is dangerous." "He is a criminal." "Stay away from him!" These were all the things Zoe heard about Hunter. Hunter Adams, the school's well known bad boy. Zoe had only heard a...

  • Badboy's Badass Nerd
    50.5K 1.9K 21

    Adrianna Kylie Evans The school's new transfer student, basically, a nerd. But, no one expect a beautiful, hot, sexy, badass nerd. And she is not a SLUT, cause she despise them. Well she doesn't care about it, she cares on finishing college without dramas or problems. What happens if the school's Bad boy gets interest...

  • Your LOVE Awards [OPEN]
    5.6K 515 13

    [OPEN] Some of us have applied to thousands of contests already, and often times, we haven't had much luck in getting any recognition. Sound familiar? Don't worry - we've all been there. We wanted to find a way to fix this... Thus, yourLOVEawards was born! Our team includes highly experienced writers and readers who h...

  • WRITING TIPS to Hook your Reader and Keep them Hooked.
    51.5K 2.6K 11

    Insider tips and techniques from a traditionally published author on hooking your reader and not letting them go. These tips are aimed to inspire you so that you’re coming up with ideas that help to focus your story, improve your writing, and deepen your understanding of what makes a story work.

  • The Craze Awards
    14K 1.1K 38

    Are you disapointed when your book doesn't get many reads, votes or comments? Or arw you losing one competion to the next? Here us your chance to show everyone what you've got when you join The Craze Awards! Come here now for a chance of winning! My friend @Hope-mist helped me with the description :)

  • Laws Of Rebellion (#Wattys2017)
    717 172 12

    (Highest Ranking #202 in Teen Fiction) ◇Winner of Second position in The Beauty Awards◇ Dylan Edwards 17 year old boy in a family of well-reputed corporate lawyers; currently studying in Amaryliss Residing School; secretly loves singing and writing music; wishes to have a career in music but family disapproves of this...

  • Things Wattpad Writers Do
    183K 26.9K 63

    Wattpad is a site with two main groups of people- the writers and the readers. And then there are some other people who have anon accounts and all that stuff. Anyway, this book will delve into all things that Wattpad writers know to be true, and may prepare some of you readers who are about to start writing.

    38.3K 1.5K 17

    "My experience with BGBC has been nothing but positive. Since I started with this club, I've gotten more reads in a few weeks than I had in months. When I saw BGBC in my recommended, I checked it out with the intention of finding a way to get more reads, but I've gotten so much more than that. I've gained votes, posit...

  • The Bad Boy And The Sweet Heart
    2.4K 582 33

    {Currently Unedited} Bad boy, Wyatt Masters, is in fact the most drool worthy guy in Darcy High. He smokes, in both the cigarette and hotter than hot sense of the word, His reputation is at a class so high that his many many crimes just pushes it higher and the one other thing that makes him so special is how he jus...