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  • The Shadow Queen (A Rider novel)
    16.5K 1.1K 12

    Pandora LIED. There's something she's still keeping secret, and it's going to kill them all.

  • Serendipity - a Fili Oakenshield Love Story
    32.2K 941 16

    ser路en路dip路i路ty - noun the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. It is often great tragedy when the tyrant has been deemed the innocent, and the innocent is left feeling like a monster. 脵sahtiel was once a royal, driven from her homeland by the Hunter in Black who claims her fath...

  • Resistance [Fili / The Hobbit]
    67.2K 2.5K 24

    The Blue Mountains, region of the kingdom Belegost, has been Teryn's home since birth. She grew up under the strict watch of her nurses and in the shadow of her older and fairly talented siblings. She was the fourth child of Goignus and Raella, which put her in a position of a Dwarven princess. Once the Battle of the...

  • Journey's End (A Lord of The Rings Fanfic)
    324K 8.8K 45

    Cover is temporarily

  • Rider (A Kili/ Hobbit novel)
    351K 12.6K 34

    Pandora is one of the last of a legendary race. Her kind lived hidden in the mountains for generations, but it did not last. An evil discovers them, killing all but a scattered few. She and a small band of others set out in hopes to find a safe haven with old allies of their kind, but things are very different now...

  • Fayn (A LOTR novella)
    70K 2.9K 20

    Frodo failed. Sauron lives, and is prepared to wreak his havoc upon Middle Earth once again. Their only hope is Fayn, a creature that disappeared from sight long before the first War of the Ring.

  • Daughter of Beorn: The Hobbit Fanfiction
    404K 15K 55

    ~ The sequel to "Daughter of Beorn" has been released! Check it out! It's called "The Skin-Changer Prophecy." ~ Gandalf looked down at the small child partially hidden behind the skin-changer's legs. Her green eyes sparkled as she tossed a small pebble at the stranger's feet before giggling. The mischevious little one...

    Completed   Mature