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  • Nova (#1 Sun's Child)
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    (PJ/HOO and KOTLC crossover) *On rewrite right now* Nova lives in the Lost Cities with her mom. She never knew her dad. But when a monster comes to the Lost Cities and she finds out she's a demigod. After that her whole life will change. Disclaimer: Keeper Of The Lost Cities is owned by Shannon Messenger and Percy Jac...

  • Seventeen | Soulmate AU | ongoing
    62.5K 2.2K 45

    Seventeen is the age that decides who every young soul is destined to be with forever. Dating back to Neanderthals, humans have always felt this natural pull to the other half of their soul. Made to make sure that the human population is reproducing, the soulmate pull allows people to come together in harmony and have...

  • Tam
    10.4K 348 40

    The title says it all. As my favorite character, I write SO MUCH Tam stuff, it's kinda sad. So, I decided to actually do something with it. Behold *spreads hands* the Tam Song fanfiction gallery. Headcanons, scenes, ship fanfics and the lot (including some of your own, if you have any and want to share). Enjoy!

  • The Return of Time
    1.2K 54 5

    It's been twelve years since the war against the Neverseen was won and Sophie's mind mysteriously broke, shocking the entire Elvin world, especially as they began to witness Fitz waste away as he tries to take care of her. They live together in a house on a secluded beach, lifelessly waiting for Biana and her father t...

  • Unforgiven
    238 28 19

    Evelynn Minor runs from the torturous place of home to hide and live her own life, but finds herself face-to-face with her greatest fear - and darkest secret. The world has suddenly become a mess of lies and traps, and Evelynn must find a way out before she becomes yet another Unforgiven trapped in time. ~ Cover by Bi...

  • Keeper of the Lost Spies
    1.1K 34 21

    What if the Black Swan and the Neverseen weren't the only secret organizations out there? What if there was another? Sophie gets invited to join a special Foxfire talent program that will take her skills to the next level and help her get stronger to take down the Neverseen. But she doesn't know that it will help her...

  • The Clash of Two Worlds
    7.2K 71 21

    When the Black Swan send Sophie and friends on a mission to the Forbidden Cities they run into a few teenagers (Percy and crew) that are also on the same mission and only together will they succeed

  • Torment-A KOTLC Fanfic
    3.9K 205 48

    They got away with it, right under their nose. When they took Tam, she never could have guessed what was in store. When Sophie and Linh found him he was centimeters from death, the basic privilege of walking striped away. The group thought they were done with the shadows but they had no idea what was still lurking. In...

  • Reversed
    50.7K 2.1K 49

    *CONTAINS LEGACY SPOILERS FROM CHAPTER 40 AND ON* The Neverseen take Sophie's memories of all that's happened since Fitz found her and twist them to make her see the Black Swan as the bad cause and the Neverseen as the good one. Sophie believes the Black Swan and everyone around her manipulated and lied to her, so she...