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  • A Thug's Loving A Princess | Completed ✔️
    47.9K 1.4K 59

    What happens when a rich millionaire supports a eighteen year old fan and finds true love on social media the pair hits It off as fame surrounding them off love.

  • instagram• chameron
    42.2K 1.6K 34

    when two childhood friends finally become more

  • Bubbly ( A Cameron Boyce Story)
    10K 185 10

    Haven Dalaroe is 15 years old and just moved to LA with her abusive dad. She's mixed with Carmel skin n black hair with blonde tips hazel eyes. Haven feels like she's worth less to every1. Cameron Boyce the little cutie boy in school he's a great dancer. He hasn't met a girl that he really likes but when a new girl...

  • Abuse of a Heart (CarlosxUma)
    5.1K 198 6

    All Uma wanted was love but it seemed the one who gave her the most love left when she need them the most. She built up here walls and found new friends and gave up hope that she would ever be loved. They played with her heart without knowing but all she wanted was the abuse of her heart to stop. Characters are not mi...

  • Chameron Fan Fiction
    7.6K 227 13

    Two girls meet in collage and find two lovers. Their relationships turn into a disaster.

  • Poor Little Rich Boy (Chameron)
    1.9K 69 3

    Luke Ross inspiring dancer wants to get into the most prestigious academy in New York but along the way of his dreams he falls for a girl he can't have and all she see is a rich boy with rich problems

  • glitter - chameron {on hiatus}
    4.7K 145 10

    "i hope we can be more than friends." (slow updates)

  • golden || carlos de vil
    147K 3.8K 33

    Through thick and thin This is good loving You and me are golden descendants two-three rest in paradise cameron boyce

  • Stuck [China x Cameron]
    1.4K 72 1

  • Kiss the Girl (China A. M. and Cameron B.)
    17.6K 484 9

    China Anne McClaim and Cameron Boyce are working on their new movie Descendants 2. Cameron has a crush on Dove Cameron, so he enlists the help of China. Will he get the girl of his dreams? Or will he end up with the girl he never heard?

  • -did this really happen?-
    7.3K 202 5

    one night alone have led Cameron and China a long way...

  • in love
    6.7K 220 8

    "he would never like me" China's in love with her best friend Slow updates 7-3-18