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  • I Can't Live Without You (Pokèshipping)
    3.5K 36 13

    Misty and Brock run into their old friend Ash who they haven't seen in years. They're having a good time until Ash falls very ill and Misty realises that she might not ever get to tell him how she feels if she doesn't take the plunge now. I do not own pokemon or the cover art for this book.

  • Keeper of the Lost Cities: LGBTQ+ Edition
    8.1K 460 20

    In which Sophie realizes she's dating the wrong Vacker, Bangs Boy has a visitor, Wonderboy meets his match, and fire and water have chemistry. Takes place after Flashback! Images used for cover are not mine; credits to rightful owner. #1 in sophiana ~ July 2019 #1 in kam ~ November 2019 #2 in fedex ~ September 2019

  • I'm Still Here ~ A PokéShipping Fanfiction
    9.9K 241 10

    "Misty, face reality for once! How are you sure he still remembers you?" It's been years since Misty Waterflower has heard from one of her best friends, Ash Ketchum. When she finds out he is in Kalos, how can Misty face the person she misses the most? 【Cover art is not mine. I only added the words to it.】 NOTE: This s...