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  • ateez bxb one-shots
    15.6K 291 5

    REQUESTS ☑ CLOSED ateez one-shots, just like what the title says

  • Use Me || Woosan
    34.5K 1.7K 15

    a gang leader and a prostitute's world collides status: discontinued :/ started: 5th August

  • Him and I | Changlix
    151K 9.5K 36

    "Why are you holding my hand?" - Felix develops a little crush on this guy named Changbin...

  • kiss me / changlix ✅
    125K 6.9K 28

    "kiss me. I dared you to do it, you have to."

  • Lick - woosan ATEEZ
    517K 24.3K 34

    ❝Just shut up and fuck me❞ ❝Gladly❞ -°°°- What happens when a fuckboy and an 'ex fuckboy' end up becoming roommates? -°°°- Mature content 💀 Top: Wooyoung / Bottom: San ATEEZ / KQ Fellaz Woosan fanfic fcklogic Some Minjoong (Mingi x Hongjoong)

    Completed   Mature