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  • Jelsa in Frost High School
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    Elsa and Anna's parents died along in a car crash. They lived all by themselves for 10 years. By the age of 19, Elsa and Anna enrolled at Frost High School. Elsa, meeting Jack Frost, the owner of the school, bumped each other and easily got along, what will happen next?

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    This story has been discontinued. For the readers of The Newbie, you can now check out this story on @DJ_Frost 's profile. Thank you so much and also, please continue the support for this story.

  • See me, feel me ( JELSA )
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    What happens when Jack Frost has a problem that only one person could fix? That person was a girl named Elsa, the Princess and future Queen of Arendelle. They both could control ice and snow but how would the joyful Jack deal with strict and unsecure Elsa? Read about their story. Will Elsa be able to help Jack when...

  • My High School Year (Jelsa fanfiction)
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    Elsa meets Jack Frost they fall in love but the problem between their love they have to face the rivals, Elsa's rival turns out to be her best friend Alice Silvers and Jack's rival turns out to be Elsa's ex-boyfriend Jason Colton will they end up together or be separated.. Find out in My High School Year •*•*•*•*•*•*•...

  • Frozen Love (COMPLETED)
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    hi this is actually my first book that i wrote... sorry about the grammars and the spellings... most of the story are mostly in frozen so there would be spoiling some of the parts of the movie..... I hope you liked it stay tune so I could update ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• In the movie frozen, Elsa have stru...

  • End or Endless? Jelsa
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    Jack and Elsa knew they have their hearts for each other what if because of one single thing. One has to sacrifice something to be together. Or will they just have to give up their love and forget one another? Jelsa fanfic

  • Jelsa Frost
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    The Story of Jack Frost and Elsa :)

  • Frozen Guardians (Winter Love book 2)
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    Her name is Queen Elsa the Queen of Ice and Snow, She believed in me Forever.. Will Jack and Elsa will be together forever, Will be they're will be Eternal?

  • My Frozen Feelings (TUFH II)
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      Jack and Elsa are now official couples. And now, they are in a Magic School. But it's not just Jack and Elsa; Hiccup, Merrida and Rapunzel are also in the Magic school. For short, the big five. The big five's relationships are still great. But after a few weeks, they are getting complicated. Until Elsa saw som...

  • Sun or Snow ( Jack Rapunzel Elsa / jackunzel jelsa )
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    "I.. i don't know what to do anymore," Jack said as he looked back and forth between the two woman standing before him, "I love you both equally" --------- Rapunzel was Jack's lover, but then she's kidnapped by Pitch and Jack lost his memories about Rapunzel and Pitch. He only remembered the song that Rapunzel sang...

  • The day when winter came ( Jelsa love story)
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    (My First Story I Ever Wrote on Wattpad so please don't write a lot of rude comments ) Long ago in the kingdom of Arendelle there were two princesses one was named Anna (youngest ) and Elsa (oldest) the eldest had a secret She can control ice and snow. But one awful night she had almost killed her sister when they p...

  • Not So Different (Jelsa Fanfic)
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    Jack Frost has been blamed by his friends for freezing Arendelle, but he didn't do it, so he sets off to find out who did. He meets a girl named Elsa and helps her overcome her fear and tries to teach her how to control her powers

  • Frozen 2 (Jelsa Fan-Fiction)
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    "I'm on a mission." Jack said. A mission to find the queen. Pitch had turn him into pure immortality. But with Queen Elsa by his side, he turns back to his own being, temporarily --an immortal. Elsa's trust in him is the only way to break the curse. But the fact that they happen to have different perspectives and bein...

  • The unbreakable frozen hearts
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    Elsa cant control her powers until jack frost appeared in her life.He taught her to control and how to use it. When Elsa finally learned it, suddenly, Jack disappeared. Elsa at the same time forgot how to control her powers. Till she's been called a .... monster. One day, they met again. Jack asked forgiveness bu...

  • A Frozen Heart
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  • Winter Love (Jelsa)
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    "His name was Jack Frost.. My papa once told me that he can be only seen by those who believed I believed in Him forever.."

  • â...Hard To Loveâ... || Jack Frost x Elsa ||
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    [Jelsa fanfiction] Jack Frost crashes into Elsa's room during her isolation. Elsa tells Jack about her problem, and after a whole lot of pestering, he agrees to help her control it. Jack begins to fall for Elsa, but there's many mishaps along the way. --^^**^^-- Pitch is after Elsa for... everything. Can Jack and Els...

  • Ice and Darkness (jelsa)
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    You can't erase your past. No matter how hard you try. But when you look back at it and realise that the one thing that cause you problems in the past, wasn't your fault, and that it was someone else's blame? They say revenge is sweet.... I hope there right... My name is Elsa, and revenge shall be mine

  • Frozen Love {Jack Frost x Elsa}
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    {Jelsa Fanfic} Jack Frost is the Guardian of Fun and Winter from Earth. Elsa is the Snow Queen from Arendelle. Two different worlds, two different personalities, one kind of power. Then there's Pitch Black, the evil boogeyman. Pitch has threatened the guardians once again. The fight between the guardians and Pitch tra...

  • Frozen Heart
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    Elsa meets Jack days after her parents died. She shuts him out but he's back to help her and save her from Pitch.

  • Jelsa
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    Hi. I came up with many ideas in this, it's all about Jack and Elsa, mixed with many plot twists you are sure to enjoy! :)! Leave a nice comment please.

  • Cold Against Dark (a Jelsa Fanfiction)
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    Jack Frost and Pitch Black strike fear into children hearts and together, they seek out the loneliest child and torment them as the grow up. Elsa was unlucky enough to be the target of these forces of evil. They test her patience and scare her with nightmares about her powers whilst she's shut away from her sister, b...

  • Scorned Beauty-Jelsa Fanfic
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    Elsa, beloved queen of Arendelle, is finally content with her life, family, and her kingdom, with her. Though nervous, she still fulfills her duties, ruling fairly over her people, and her powers. For the most part. She still struggles with the weight of the incident in the summer a little more than a year ago, afraid...

  • Frozen heart ( JELSA )
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    Setting : a magical high school Can Jack help Elsa to control her power ? Will love blossom between them ? - sorry .. not very good in summary but please enjoy the story and comment if you like *smiles *

  • Our Hearts Are Melted As We Fall In Love (Jelsa) [Completed]
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    In a matter of five minutes, Elsa's life had gone to hell. They discovered her powers, and now they hated her! Now she had to isolate herself even more....or maybe not.❄️ Jack Frost had been alone ever since he had become a Guardian. And then, he stumbles across this amazing woman, and is stunned by her sadness. E...

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    Comment any questions you have for the lovely couple; Jelsa! (Jack FrostxElsa) No guarantees that all questions will be answered! Thanks you lovelies!❄️❄️❄️