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  • Wrong number kid
    1.3M 53.1K 79

    Peter Parker accidentally gets Tony Starks number and they start texting. Toasters turn evil Labs blows up No important side character ship Beds are thrown out the window Pepper and Peter lip sync battle team up Dad squad A little mama-spider Vomit power Mr. Emoji is a pedo Read to find out how all of the above are co...

  • Peter Parker's Adventures
    962K 25.5K 169

    One shots of MCU's Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman. Will be introducing, IronDad, May Parker and Pepper Potts taking no one's shit. Rhodny being a cool Uncle by telling embarresing stories of Tony. Ned being the best guy in the Chair. MJ being, well MJ. Avenger willl be introduced, so MommaSpider, Thor, Bruce Banner, Cl...

  • Tony's kids oneshots
    61K 1.6K 34

    Peter and Harley are the twin sons of Pepper and Tony (or maybe someone else depending on the oneshot) Some one shots will include Morgan and I might even put Nebula in a few Lmao I suck at descriptions :) Infinity War and Endgame never happened here because I don't want to depress all of you. (That changed)

  • Family Secrets
    304K 9K 39

    Peter Parker Stark has been living with Tony and Pepper Stark for nearly 6 years now, though no one knows. Now that Peter is 15 and in high school, its getting harder to keep his life a secret. What happens when high school really comes too close to home? What wild shenanigans might the rag-tag family of supers get in...

  • Stolen // Irondad
    229K 6.3K 33

    "Kid, there are some things we can't prevent. Death is one of them." Tony takes young Peter Parker under his care, after his Aunt is pulled off of life support. However, becoming a dad - and being a superhero - comes with many problems. 14# Marvel --> 30/11/18 11# Steve Rogers --> 04/12/18 6# Captain America --> 11/12...

  • Peter Parker field trips to SI and Avengers Compound!
    304K 7.4K 18

    All characters belong to Marvel except for a few here and there that i make up. I take requests. Just some field trip ideas where Peter gets exposed or his family of Avengers embarrass him, etc. Spidey-son and Iron-dad. One Shots. Avengers family. Panic attacks and sensory overloads. Tony being a dad.

  • Field trip to where? (ft.Irondad)
    163K 4.5K 19

    For once, Peter actually has to help Tony with a project, so he's going to have to miss school. WHY DIDN'T MJ AND NED TELL HIM THAT THEIR ENTIRE SCHOOL WAS COMING TO SI??? WHY? or That same old loveable troupe- with a twist

  • inimitable | a hamilton high school au
    13.1K 441 48

    MIRANDA HIGH SCHOOL -- Where George Washington is the football team captain. Where Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy are the most popular girls in school. Where Aaron Burr is a popular jock that's this close to getting accepted to Princeton... at least until Alexander Hamilton, the new kid in school, arrives.