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  • Looking At Stars »Part 2«
    52 10 3

    I decided to make a part two to my first one because it was really gross and messy... So yeah..! Also, I just want to apologize in advance for any grammatical mistakes, and or spelling errors.

  • Switched (Kustard)
    15.5K 724 23

    Sans. Or Classic, as Ink calls him. He's a skeleton, and a popular one at that. He's known throughout the underground as the pun loving, playful, happy older brother of Papyrus. But, really, he's a tired, depressed, anxiety-filled skele with PTSD (from the resets of course). His AU is normal, filled with normal cheer...

  • Pain and Suffering (ErrorInk)
    25.1K 911 23

    Ink thought everything he felt. Was the cause of his Depression. But does he really have Depression?

  • Even Errors(Error x Ink)
    91.8K 2.5K 44

    Warning: This has some triggers such as self harm, abuse, etc. A lot of action goes on but you'll have to see. Edit: I am aware that Error's blush is actually blue but I'm too lazy to change it. It will be blue in future stories. ALSO THIS STORY IS MY FIRST AND IT IS ABSOLUTE SHIT!!! ---- Code is not the actual name f...

  • Ink! sans x Error! sans
    1.5K 54 8

    Two opposite sides fall for each other...hmmm... wait- why am i making a description???... whatever, just read this and you'll find out... WARNING: This is my first story so please don't judge too much...

  • Trust Issues (Kustard)
    14.9K 655 23

    One deal. One friendship. One choice. Follow Fell and Sans in a high school romance, where together they grow up, change, and fall in love. All Undertale aus, and Undertale, belong to the respected owners. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. I made this in no way to profit of other characters, but only for entertainment...

  • 'Normal' With No Strings Attached. (NAJ Ink x Error)
    20K 1K 24

    Warning. Triggers such as abuse, bullying, and others are in this story. Edit: I am aware that Error's blush is actually blue but I'm too lazy to change it. It will be blue in future stories. Code is not the actual name for Error Papyrus. I just made the name up because Error Papyrus isn't called anything. --------- I...

  • Enemies or lovers (error X ink)
    25.7K 782 32

    ink and error met and error have love ink at first sight ink slowely turn to have a crush on error since they became freinds woops! Almost told everything anyway no LEMONS!

  • Looking At Stars(An Ink x Error fanfiction)
    4.6K 185 15

    Inks had dreams about someone and he feels like he might know them but he can't quite put his finger on it.He can never remember the name of that person and until he meets him again he feels something familiar. ~~~ Art is obviously NOT mine

  • Something More(ErrorInk) (Completed)
    22.8K 845 42

    Warning:Contians LOTS of self harm, abuse, depression, (errorink obviously), Some adult language. If you do not like any of these, I suggest not reading. Also, it will be bad because this is my first book ever writing. :> Error had always been broken, but this time, many lines were crossed, that NEVER, should have bee...

    56.7K 2K 75

    Two different groups of friends meet in the most unlikely way The group then started to get to know each other rather quickly They then take notice of a topic about soulmates.. Will they soon find who their looking for?.. Or will they discover a darker side to their story?... While in the background.. the two brothers...

  • Separable Opposites (An Error x Ink Fanfic)
    15.1K 763 25

    Day and night. Good and evil. White and black. Heaven and hell. Creation and destruction. All of these are opposites, but they can't exist without the other. Ink and Error is a strange opposite though. Unlike most opposites, these two could technically live without the other... Physically. Emotionally on the other ha...

  • Rewriting Our Story
    188 37 13

    Two worlds split by a non existent line. A forest where the worlds combine to make this mysterious yet beautiful place. Filled with trees and flowers and animals. The clouds are always purple there. Nightmare hates Dream, his brother, and refuses to come together and live as one kingdom. His newest prodigy Error hate...