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  • Art Class (Narry)
    130K 5.3K 17

  • Alphas and their Human
    39.3K 769 9

    Harry is a sophomore in high school. Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis are all seniors. Nobody messes with them. Everybody wants their mates and have a happy life. But what would happen if Harry had 4 big Alphas as his mates?

  • Something New (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)
    75.3K 1.4K 29

    Emerson is a girl from Doncaster who was sent to New York to live with her aunt after her parents pass away in a tragic accident. She returns to Doncaster and runs into someone. Could he be the one? Find out.

  • coach // niall horan
    1.4M 30.7K 2

    he was just my little brother's football coach, why am I falling for him? © 2012 re-edited 2020

  • Magic || larry
    3.9M 160K 36

    ••complete•• harry has an abusive boyfriend and louis moves next door

  • you bring me home [larry stylinson]
    12.6K 592 5

    Theo Starr. Louis looked at the YouTube channel name with immense confusion. He drunkenly grabbed his laptop and shoved it right up to his face, as if to inspect the person who was singing on his screen further. Who the hell was Theo Starr? And why the hell did it look so much like Louis's childhood best friend, Harry...

  • Dangerous [Larry Stylinson AU]
    80.3K 2.5K 9

    "Who's Harry Styles?" "Don't talk to him, He's dangerous." "How?" "He killed his father." Harry Styles has recently finished his sentence in jail for the murder of his own father. Now returning to high school, he has to try and live through the rumors, frightened looks, and harsh words of his fellow classmates. Everyo...

  • I Love You to the Moon and Back | 1d reunion. l.s.
    2.4K 134 3

    Louis and Harry fell in love at a young age. But, they had to hide their romance which caused arguments, hidden love, and broken hearts. It ended in tears in 2015. The pair haven't talked since. One Direction are now reuniting as a band again for their 10 Year Anniversary. It'll be the first time Louis and Harry have...