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  • Marcus X Reader A Lab Rats Love Story
    36.3K 1K 11

    This is a love story between Marcus the villainous teenage android and the beautiful human known as (y/n) who befriends him. Little does she know that Marcus is just using the damsel as a way to get close to the three bionic teenager's. Find out what happen's next! Vote and Comment! Enjoy!

  • big bad vampire's Shy girl(Jesse black)
    620 4 3

    starting high school! with vampire friends. how will thinks change when Jesse comes along

  • My Babysitters a Vampire- Jesse Black love story
    13.5K 244 15

    what if jesse was only with sarah because he was after someone else, someone that was close to her? what if ethan and jesse have been best friends and ethan being with benny was all an act, that he himself is a vampire not a feldgling. what if everything that happened, every time sarah and they won a battle against Je...