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  • Titanic|| Bennoda
    475 56 14

    19 year old Michael Kenji Shinoda is a upper class young man who is set out to be married. Chester Charles Bennington is a 20 year old artist and musician looking for his destiny. What will happen when the 2 meet on the famous ship, the Titanic?

  • Home for the Holidays
    176 19 7

    It was the year 2004, Meteora World Tour was on break for the holidays. Everyone seemed to have plans or were planning something extravagant, except for Chester. All his family were on trips. His friends, busy on their ski trips. This would be the first time in years Chester would be alone on the holidays. So, he star...

  • All I Do
    246 33 10

    Nadeen is caught in a 'relationship' with a man that's married. She has been for the last 4 years. Every time she'd threaten to leave, he would find a way to make her stay. Empty promises of leaving his wife and running away with her kept her from a life she could of enjoyed , a life she deserved . She took pity on th...

  • For The Love of A Pirate
    390 36 11

    Nora, a recent orphan, buried her mother just a mere 24 hours ago. The daughter of a governess, Nora never met her father, at least that's the story she tells. At just 17 years old it was time to face the world and be her own adult. The brunette had always been the independent kind, hard-headed and stubborn... so she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Parenting Skills
    13.2K 585 14

    When two of the six Linkin Park members are turned into children, how will the other four survive?!?!

  • Untouchable
    1.6K 133 12

    All Mike Shinoda has going on in his life is a stable career. He's been the band director at McArthur Middle School for ten years, and he loves his job - even when he's got some crazy kids in his class. This year a set of twins in causing him some problems, so he solves the issue the way he always does - by calling ho...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebellion
    10.4K 873 54

    The government has taken charge. If you aren't loyal to them, you're hunted down and killed. The corruption is spreading. And there's a leader, a leader who can destroy the corruption. As long as he's alive.

    Completed   Mature
  • Chases Butterflies
    702 77 17

    Fall 2017- Chester was on the edge of losing everything. His family, his career, his life. After being sober for 2 years, the vocalist relapsed and took a turn for the worst. Losing his best friend, Chris Cornell didn't help matters much either. Talinda was ready to divorce him, his kids were distant. Linkin Park had...

  • Quiet (Bennoda)
    18.3K 862 57

    Mike Shinoda is a 15 kid who's been deaf his whole life. He doesn't have very many friends well actually he only has one that's his childhood friend Rob Bourdon. He doesn't like to talk to many people, he's very insecure about being deaf, so instead he mostly keeps to himself, to write, and doodle which he was prett...

  • In Love By Sunrise
    22.2K 952 20

    A meet and greet changes everything for Mike Shinoda.

  • The Way I Wish It Happened
    43.7K 1.8K 78

    Bennoda fanfiction. Chester has chronic nightmares, which seem to bother everyone but Mike. The two bond even further. The past rears its ugly head. Drama occurs. Romance blooms.

  • Time Machine
    16 0 1

    I got the chance to go back in time and relive a day I have never forgotten.

  • Missed Call
    12K 900 20

    Missed Call is a Bennoda (Linkin Park) fanfiction based in modern day time. The story follows Mike who stumbles along a boy in his class that he doesn't really notice, Chester Bennington, who's being abused at home and bullied at school. After an incident on the last day of class, Mike gives Chester his phone number a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Somewhere I Belong
    265 25 5

    We all know the story... boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl... they live happily ever after. But, what if that boy was one of the biggest rockstars of all time? What if that girl was not your average thin model-like beauty? Nikky is a young-woman that society would consider to be 'plus-sized'. At 5'3 , weigh...

  • Just for Tonight?
    174 10 3

    Short story. Keep having dreams about this scenario, so I had to write it out. Also, DO NOT COME FOR ME based on how a certain character is depicted in this story. You will be blocked and removed from my profile/stories. This is simply fiction. FICTION. Thank you for reading ! 🖤🖤🖤

  • Stay
    1.4K 81 16

    One-Shot or Short Story. You guys help me decide when you read it. This was based off a dream I had.

    Completed   Mature
  • Secrets (A Chester Bennington Fan Fiction)
    396 29 8

    Amy is just a girl aspiring to be a doctor. Chester was just her brother's best friend. And that night was just a night like many others until Chester decided to enter her bedroom and read her journal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cigarettes [Bennoda] ✔
    57.6K 4K 91

    Chester finally gets to meet his favorite artist, Fort Minor A.K.A Mike Shinoda. Chester thinks he's in love but knows nothing can happen between them. What he doesn't know is that Mike can't get him out of his head either.

  • Chester Bennington - Reasons to stay (Short-story)
    43 7 1

    Clara was at the edge, ready to let go. But her guardian angel was just passing by. Destiny brought them together, but what will be Clara's decision?

    Completed   Mature
  • Tattoos and lipstick - Chester Bennington fan fiction
    1.4K 89 24

    He was a cop, and because of being a control freak, he decided to work on his own. Now, he was used to be in charge of his own life, doing as he wants, getting the results he plans. When he met Mel, he thought she would be another rich spoiled brat. But she wasn't. She defied his beliefs, and that is why she was dange...

    Completed   Mature
  • Theatre: Room 101
    1.3K 74 20

    Life for Neela Dane seemed to change over night. After her mother died in a horrible shooting; Her father, stricken with grief, up and decided it was time to leave their home in smalltown Ridgeview, Iowa. The daughter of a preacher & police officer, Neela only knew a life of discipline and order. At 16 the brunette wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chester Bennington - Together in art
    1K 96 31

    Emma, a paint artist, was comfortable with the life she was living until a man from her past showed up again. Everything turned upside down as they established a partnership. Sometimes, even when you're used to the ups and downs in your life, too afraid to move on because you're so comfortable with what you have, tha...

  • Battlefield
    207 30 5

    (Sci-Fi; in a post-apocalyptic future) Our entire lives, there were only them and us. We were people. The supposed "good ones". A species determined to exist in this cruel world while they tried to take it away from us. Well, maybe back then aliens were some kind of fantasy that only showed on television and in movies...

  • Linkin Park GrOuP ChAt
    2.8K 230 19

    GrOuP cHaT

  • Chester Bennington - Unusual Neighbor
    4.2K 226 46

    Ana was tired of her life and wasting it due to her parent's beliefs. She decided to put an end to it and start from zero, alone. At least, she thought she would be alone until she met him. Chester. Her unusual neighbor. Behind his beauty hides a load of demons from his past that she will find out along the way. Maybe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chester Bennington imagines
    1.2K 87 20

    hey everyone thought I'd do one of this cutie as well!! Requests are open

  • nancy boy • bennoda
    5.6K 575 31

    At a party, Mike meets Chester, a completely hopeless junkie who leads a very unhealthy lifestyle, however, maybe the blonde was what was missing in the half Asian's life.

  • Devil's Drop
    5.8K 491 59

    When Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington meet through a mutual friend, sparks fly between the nineteen year old piano teacher and twenty year old film producer. As their relationship heats up, a life of deception and manipulation unfolds in which Mike is unprepared to morally cope with his boyfriend's desensitizatio...

  • lemon boy • bennoda
    497 64 2

    "There once was a bittersweet man and they called him 'lemon boy'" Mike finds his way to Chester, a bittersweet boy with no friends and lots of problems. Based on the cavetown's song "lemon boy" short story//standalone

  • Linkin Park Chester Bennington - Saved by an Angel
    1.5K 66 28

    Chester was a mess. His life was worthless and unworthy of happiness. He tried to end it but his friends saved him. And then, they saved him again when they took him to a small village, for meditation and recovery. That's when he saw life for the first time as it hi. A rollercoaster of emotions and he just had to seiz...