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  • RUN! (Will Byers x reader)
    93.8K 1.4K 30

    This story is about a girl named (Y/N) or prisoner 012 who is trying to escape the lab and meeting new friends along the way, but what happens when she fall in love with one of them.

  • •Wattys 2018• Last Young Renegade | Will Byers X Reader
    25.3K 732 62

    "We said forever But forever wouldn't wait for us" What if while Will was stuck in the Upside Down, there was someone else? What if they had tried to save each other but instead accidentally fell in love.... Achievements: 5. In #eleven 5-17-2018 5. In #willbyers 5-20-2018 3. In #willxreader 5-20-2018 6. In #upsidedown...

    Completed   Mature
  • |Stranger Love| (Noah Schnapp x Reader)
    47.1K 755 23

    You are a famous actress, you audition for Stranger Things and get the part of 'Eliza Davis' (i know it isn't a real character, just go with it), Noah Schnapp was a particular fan of yours. You develop a close relationship with the castmates, specifically one of them...

  • NOT KIDS ANYMORE {Will Byers x reader}
    55.6K 1.6K 23

    {Second book of SAVE me WILL} It's been a few months since the Snow Ball, and now the battle is about to start again. YN returns home with Dustin and reunites with Will and the group. but when they both feel the return of the Mind Flayer, they realise that the gate was being reopened. But when girl and boy drama gets...

  • MEET YOU~ Noah Schnapp x Reader
    78.4K 1.6K 16

    Y/N gets a role in the IT movie. Halfway through the recording Finn Wolfhard decides to present the cast members of Stranger Things to Y/N. But... What will happen if Noah Schnapp falls in love with Y/N? Will they end up together? Hey!! This is my first history, I wish you enjoy it and sorry if this book is shit... #W...

  • HIS LONE WOLF {Will Byers x reader} (ON HOLD)
    3.5K 223 7

    YN Darko, abandoned at birth, and a runaway at age 6. Has brittle bones, two different colored eyes, and the ability to shape shift into a werewolf. She gets adopted by the Wheelers and meets Will Byers who worms into her life and makes her rethink everything. Her way of life changes, and they grow closer. But what h...

  • SAVE me WILL {Will Byers x reader}
    81.8K 2.2K 20

    YN Henderson, is the twin of Dustin. They don't look alike, and YN doesn't have cleidocranial dysplasia. But the one thing they have in common, other than their genetics, is the fact that they are mega geeks. YN is good friends with the whole gang, but a certain Byers boy catches her eye. They grow closer as they gro...

  • New Neighbors, New Members | Will Byers x Reader
    18.7K 601 44

    ⚠️Spoilers for Season 3⚠️ Will, Eleven, Jonathan and Joyce move to a town called Willow Woods and meet there new neighbors. There neighbor Y/N has powers like El but different, she can talk to people thru there minds. She's in a group with a bunch of the other numbers and introduces them to Will and El. Will and Y/N s...

  • The Special One (will Byers x reader)
    30.3K 536 10

    Will Byers x reader) you've been captured in Hawkins lab since u were 3 years old. You were known as 012. You're now 13 and it's a few months after eleven closed the gate to the upside down and you're still stuck in Hawkins lab. When you escape, eleven, will, mike, Lucas and Dustin find you using your powers. Do you a...

  • Happy|| Noah Schnapp
    36.6K 647 21

    Noah schnapp x reader. You move to L.A because you are now going to be in season 3 of stranger things but you never imagined you have 2 of your favorite boys all in love with you and you in love with them. What's gonna happen?

  • Hold On //Will Byers x Reader//
    26.5K 955 39

    "Do you trust me?" "Of course not! I don't trust demogorgons..." After a coincidental encounter with Will, Mike, Dustin, & Lucas, you guys quickly become friends. Shortly afterwards, something strange starts happening to you and you become trapped in the Upside Down.You soon realize you're not alone; Will has become t...

  • Promise // Beverly x Eleven
    368 13 2

    {A bit of a time change in this one. We're gonna pretend the "IT" incident happened in 1983-84 (around the time of Stranger Things). Bear with me.} - After the mess in Derry, Beverly leaves. And where she ends up might not be any better. But they say you find love in the strangest places.

  • (ENG) The Cast + F. Wolfhard × Reader
    25 11 3

    🌌The Cast🌌 A story of a girl that has a crush on Finn Wolfhard and it's now a new character in the most popular series of Netflix - Stranger Things She is now part of the cast and friend of all the Stanger Things kids

  • new kid on the block ; WILL BYERS
    255K 6.3K 67

    ( W I L L B Y E R S X R E A D E R ) this was a request from somebody and I'm honestly so glad in writing another will byers book, these are my favourites. • swearing involved, proceed with care.

  • ♡𝕊𝕖𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕤 𝕋𝕠 𝕂𝕖𝕖𝕡♡// Will Byers x Reader
    47.3K 1K 24

    This is my first story, so please don't judge me. This is a Will Byers x reader. So here is a quick description: Y\N recently moved to Hawkins. She was a really loud outspoken person. She caught the attention of four certain boys. Soon they will know her secret and what has to come. Also the main P.O.V's will be Y\N...