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  • An Unexpected Romance
    9 2 2

    Hi everyone! This is my first story. It's about my two ocs Cayha and Kalypso. If you have an issue with trying to figure out how Cayha's name is pronounced, it's pronounced Kie-uh. I hope you all enjoy it! Happy reading loves.

  • Lost - A Hamilton Fanfiction (Book 1)
    59K 2.9K 60

    John Laurens is a young psychology student straight out of college. To make ends meet, he applies for a job that no one else wanted - to be a therapist at a mental asylum. He witnesses broken minds first hand, but one day, he has a patient who is ... different. What happens next turns his ordinary life upside down. Bo...

  • Bitten by Love
    2.1K 65 6

    John Lauren's is a vampire,part of a hunting group.One night on the hunt for prey to take to their leader when he spots The cutest vampire hunter he has ever seen in his 123 years of life. Alexander was a vampire hunter.One night on his patrol with his partner,Gilbert Lafayette,he feels as if he is being watched.He th...

  • My love~ (a Jamilton story)
    53.1K 1.5K 32

    Yep. This is my new book, so even if your not familiar with jamilton I hope you check it out! Anyway, on to the description! Alexander Hamilton is one of the newbies at kings college, will this be a chance for a fresh start? Or will his torturous past come back to bite him? Thomas Jefferson, a young man with wealthy...

  • I'm Here
    1.3K 62 9

    Alex always has bad luck when it comes to picking relationship partners. Which, most of the time, leaves him in a state of heartbreak. Lafayette, the supportive friend of the group who's always been there for Alex. Though it hurts him to see his crush with another he cant help but wish it was him. "I just want someone...

  • Broken At First (Lams)
    10.4K 279 23

    Alex is a broken boy in a horrid world but what will happen when he moves to America with the Washington's and his new brother Lafayette. this is my first real book hope you like it :3

  • My Alpha (Jamimton) ON HOLD
    6.1K 234 11

    (Art is not mine and characters don't belong to me) Alexander Hamilton is inspiring to be the best he can be even though he is the only omega in a office full of Alpha's and Beta's.