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  • Demons Legacy(A Summoner Fanfic)
    8.8K 317 24

    When Fletcher and his friends are sent on a special mission by King Harold, they expect a straight forward battle. What they get on the other hand is a plot to overthrow the throne and several shocking truths about where the races came from, and what existed before them. The truth lies in the demons, the only creature...

  • Summoner role play
    1.2K 7 7

    This is where you can role play in the summoner world. So yea.

  • The Summoner Roleplay
    16.2K 65 11

    This is a roleplay base off of Taran Matharu's Summoner series. The setting of the RP will be in the same world as the books but in a different timeline that the main characters don't exist so as to not clash. Character bios, rules, and others things like that will be listed in the chapters. (Warning some of the c...

  • Summoner: A Hidden truth
    2.2K 39 7

    Summoners are what's believed to be the key to the war. The king is the most strongest, being king it's to be expected but is the king in control?. With Alfric plotting and war at large what will happen in the story hidden behind the king - some characters/ most do not belong to me most storyline belongs to Taran mat...

  • Heir Apparent - a Summoner FanFic
    12.8K 489 23

    Dorien Hovat has not had a good start in life. After the death of his parents and his subsequent adoption he has been trained from a young age for one purpose. Whilst nobles snigger and commoners pity, Dorien gains a small amount of freedom by attending Vocans Academy. With allies and enemies coming from unexpected pl...

  • Summoner: The Demon
    9.3K 329 21

    Taran Matharu's book, Summoner: The Novice, but from Ignatius' point of view. My first official piece, so please R&R! :) Credit for the beautiful cover goes to @-rayofsunshine

  • Summoner:The next generation
    12.1K 185 12

    Years have past since the group were together. Fletcher and Sylva had settled down, as had Cress and Othello even Captain Lovett and Arcturus were together. Every thing seemed peaceful. But what will happen when the next generation of summoners discover an ancient prophesy? Will the new gang of hero's be able to foll...

  • Wanderer (summoner fanfic)
    261 9 2

    Romulus, or as he likes to be called, Rom, is a fairly normal kid, but when a fire kills his parents, he learns of his true origins __________________ All of my praise and thanks goes to Tarun Mathews, who wrote summoner, the book that inspired me to write this.

  • Mixed Blood
    1.5K 43 6

    A SUMMONERS FAN~FICTION The biggest of taboos have been broken, but no secrets can be hidden forever... Traveling to his home village of Pelt, Fletcher had been charged with attempted homicide to one of its residents, the malicious Didric Cavell. Fletcher's future of being a summoner of any status hangs on the ruling...

  • The Jungle Frontier: A "The Novice" Tribute Story
    1.1K 60 7

    The events in this story are set several years before the events in "The Novice" by Taran Matharu A war has begun. A war between the people of Hominium and the Orc tribes of the southern frontier. In a forward sentry base deep in the jungle, freshly recruited solders must adjust to life in dangerous surroundings. ...

  • Summoner: The Lost
    315 8 1

    Inspired by Taran Matharu's book Summoner: The Novice Zeno Ray was a noble who's family was killed by orcs when he was five he managed to get away to a city but his family was slaughtered he is now 17 and has been living with the local blacksmith Ron Bigge and earned his keep and hidden within himself is the power of...

  • The Shapeshifters of Raoon (Summoner Fanfic)
    759 52 4

    How far would you go to save your world? When a portal is opened accidentally, a powerful new race is discovered. The humans made a decision, that they would use this new source of power to get rid of their common enemy, the Orcs. But with every alliance, there is distrust. And with every Kingdom, there are enemies...

  • Where the Demons Hide (A Summoner Fanfic)
    550 25 6

    Armed with only her finest sword, a few essential items, and her wits, Malika has finally decided to sever the connections between herself and her father, who happens to be the King of the Hominum Empire, and run away from her home in the castle. The sixteen years she has spent with her father, a power hungry yet shre...

  • Demon Girl (A Summoner Fanfic)
    5.3K 248 14

    Hello! This is a story based of Summoner: The Novice (and Origins) by TaranMatharu, who you should definitely check out! I haven't read any Summoner fanfics other than Hybrid, so I'm sorry if this is a similar idea to another work. Anyway, enjoy! "The girl was kept on chains that weighed her hands down, and her wrists...

  • 1985: Dawn of a New World (A Summoner Fanfic)
    5.9K 457 44

    Several millenia has passed and the world has undergone a lot of changes. Along with the advancement of technology was the decay of ancient knowledge and ways. Demon summoning has been disclosed as a myth, so is the existence of dwarves and elves who mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth. However, mysteries...

  • Summoner Competition Results!
    3.7K 69 2

    I will announce the results of Summoner competitions here!

  • next generation( The Summoner fan ficton)
    1K 45 8

    this story revolves around a 15 year old boy named Sergial spherson who is one of the newest first year arrivals at the military summoners academy were he meets some interesting new friends that help guide him through the adventure of becoming a battle mage.( if u have read the book the summoner you might recognize a...

  • For a Friend (Summoner Fanfiction)
    861 19 3

    After his death, James Baker's childhood friend and fellow summoner returns to the academy, determined to honor his memory by protecting the salamander demon and it's summoner.

  • The Ether Walker
    3.8K 317 11

    Mirabelle was abandoned as a child and taken in by an orphanage. The only clue that she was not normal were her usual colored eyes. When her childhood friend and fellow orphan Zach forgets a very important stone for his studies at the Academy to become a summoner of demons, Mira sets out to deliver it back herself...

  • At The Gates Of Hell
    2K 117 7

    A thief slips into the Academy with a scrying stone in mind. He gets caught red handed, but slips out with the help of his demon, leaving the academy to wonder if there are other summoners out there, just not fighting for them. This is a FanFiction of the fabulous book, Summoner: The Novice. You can read it on Watt Pa...

  • the threat for summoners
    120 2 1

    will leeft een dood normale leven tot hij er achter komt dat hij demonen kan beheersen. hij wil verder leren om demonen te beheersen en ze te halen uit de ether. het gevaar is: de mensen hebben een hekel aan summoners omdat de meeste egoistisch zijn en alleen aan hun zelf denken. dus besluit Will weg te gaan bij zijn...

  • Iron Forged
    3K 93 13

    When a regiment of soldiers is seconded to a noble family for security and enforcement, they are thrust into a conspiracy that began before they were born. Private William Lockhart is caught in the middle, with mounting pressure from his friends and the inquisition. William is forced to reveal a secret kept hidden fro...

  • Burn (A Summoner Fanfiction)
    1.3K 52 4

    Eiri is just a baker, a commoner in a lonely town. When the nobles come to take their land a strange ability is discovered by Eiri, the ability to control Fire. Her town chases her out of her town thinking that she is a monster. On the run, Eiri finds a weird scroll and summons a Imp Phoenix. The pair are found by Cap...

  • Summoner FanFic
    470 14 3

    (A summoner FanFic) The elven front is gaining more casualties as days go by. Peace talks are underway, but the best elves could gain in this negotiation is becoming the shield for human troops. They rather not think of worse. Elves are weak. Not by nature, but summoners are what kept both realms under their own libe...

  • The Orc War: A Summoner Fiction
    4.1K 85 19

    A fanfiction about the soon to be novel Summoner. If you have read it and find any details I have messed up, please comment and I will try to fix them. Thank you! I will try to get one chapter up a week. If you have any ideas please message me, and I might incorporate them, and of course, give you credit

  • Child of the Ether (Summoner Fan Fiction)
    6.8K 405 10

    Yang-Jian is a strange boy found in the midst of a portal opened by summoners. How will he cope without his parents? In this harsh world all is different from the forgotten world that he has left behind. He will have to work hard and endure the harshness of life in this painstakingly high journey. He wishes to become...

  • Ether's Clutch (Summoner fan fic)
    1K 36 5

    Someone with minimal powers would seem to be a liability to the proximal war front encroaching on the daily lives of the citizens living in a cyclic rhythm. Wanting more for yourself than a lowly life of servitude you test the aptitude of the prowess of your magic when they search for magical aptitude. So what happen...

  • Book of Demonology (Summoner Fan Fiction)
    2.1K 28 1

    A book detailing the many inhabitants of the ether and the unique landscapes within it. It is an entry to the competition about Summoner.

  • Into The Fray (A Summoner FanFic)
    543 19 1

    This (Short) FanFic is for the Competition that TaranMatharu was hosting. If I feel the urge to write more about this, I will, but until such time as that urge comes, this story will be silent!