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  • Their Broken Angel
    7.9K 432 11

    Alessia hasn't had a good life but she has worked for everything she has ever had, making her the #1 woman to never cross. She's the devil herself, crossing her would be a death wish. After the death of her 'mother' she gets put into her fathers care, along with 4 older brothers. What happens when Alessia finds more...

  • Pluviophile the Mother Obsessed: Origin
    8 3 1

    If you like or love and just read heavily detailed gore scenes, read it.

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha's Third Chance {Forever Mates Series}
    249K 8.3K 25

    An alpha so violent he lost both his first and second chance mate because they couldn't handle him. His first mate ran away out of fear while the second mate rejected him coldly. Now desperate for someone to love and change Theo for the better his father Christian comes up with a plan to find the perfect mate to be T...

  • My Dragon King {Chosen Mates Book #2}
    315K 9.4K 23

    Book Cover Done By : @the_secret_box Adrian Valentine the king of the dragons is on the hunt for his future queen so that he may rule without having to be alone. Oliver Valentine father holds a party inviting many supernatural beings to the party in hopes of his son finding his mate. Diana Winter is just a werewolf w...