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  • miniskirt.
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    but jennie, i'm not a bad boy i'm a fuck boy in which jennie decides to wear a miniskirt to school taennie. rankings: #1 in taennie #1 in comedy-romance #1 in blacktan #3 in irene #7 in blackpink #8 in sooyoung #14 in crackfic #22 in jungkook #24 in crackfic #92 in taehyung

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    [✓] Jimin sighed. "So I guess we're back at chasing down psychotic classmates who have nothing better than screw around with our lives?" Taehyung and Namjoon shared a knowing look, before smirking to his friend. "I couldn't have said it any better." - It's been 6 months. Although on the outside everything seems to...

  • thief.
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    jennie tests the popularized phrase of 'ride or die' when she comes back in contact with a now dangerous friend from many years ago. taennie. ⇒ ° 。・ rankings: #1 in taennie #1 in jennie #5 in blackpink #6 in gangster #12 in thief #19 in taehyung #21 in bts

  • Babygirl || bangchan ✔️
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    ( has found a match for you) "Bangchan? He looks pretty hot.. For a sugar daddy." "I'll ask him to arrange a meeting for us."

  • Chocolate Cupcakes ✓
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    She was making chocolate cupcakes. He offered to help. That's where it all started. [SUGARY SERIES : BOOK I]

  • Missing Pieces | ✓
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    • A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY • • highest rank | #92 in mystery/thriller • Having two business partners for parents meant they worked extra long shifts, and possibly, an addition of night shifts. Therefore, being alone at home in the middle of the night was something Emilia Khafari could handle. Until, that is, her best...

  • Fragile Hearts | chaelisa✔
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    Fragile (n.)easily broken or damaged _________________❤_____________________ I looked over at your phone screen,noticing how it was cracked.I furrowed my brows in confusion.When did that happen? "From which cliff did your phone fall off?"I asked as I smiled slightly. "The screen has been cracked ever since the last t...