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  • live and learn
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    sander sides teacher au uwu a LAMP paring :3

  • a storm of texts
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    since im working on tons of stories i figured why not do this one when im tryin to chill? it wont be 100% only text but the majority will. and ya'll know i'll be throwin some drama and ships in here

  • Difference
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    Virgil doesn't handle change very well, he's never had to get used to it. Sure, there was the time when he and his best friend started dating, but that never really felt like a change. Until everything flips upside down. Virgil meets new people, like his strange new neighbor Kathryn, and Logan, who Virgil just can't s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Analogical one shot Sanders Sides
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    my friend showed me a prompt, and I got roped into writing it, I'm apologizing ahead of time because I suck at writing. NONE OF THE ARTWORK OR CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME, CHARACTERS BELONG TO THOMAS SANDERS

  • More things that are gay
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    Things that are gay sequel! Cute head cannons , incorrect quotes and oneshots + extra gay! I hope you enjoy!

  • You're Not Broken, You're Human
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    Trigger Warnings- Blood, Death (Only In Dreams), Badly written panic attacks, Deceit (Snek) I suck at descriptions so here's what's in this story- Analogical! Smol logical boi with feelings Smol anxious child who's grown Royality! Smol logical boi and smol anxious child play pranks Remy! K that's the best summary I go...

  • A Witch From The Start? -*Analogical*-
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    Secrets are kept... Just to be unfolded... Will Virgil's secret spill... Or will it be hidden? Read to find out..!

  • Thomas is Analogically Royalty {A Royalty And Analogical Fanfiction}
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    Logan passes out and shatters his glasses, Virgil helps him by taking care of him, Logan pays back the favor when Virgil has a panic attack and he tries his best to calm him. Roman feels like a failure after Thomas messes up at an audition for a play and doesn't get the part, Patton helps Roman out through this mess o...

  • Haunted High School (Thomas Sanders Analogical Fanfiction)
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    Virgil had heard the rumors of the ghost that haunted his school building. He never was one to believe in the paranormal, but while staying after school in the library one day he starts to wonder if maybe everyone was right. Book Warnings: Mentions of blood, detailed descriptions of injuries and death/murder, mention...

  • analogical oneshots and drabbles
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    this is gonna be dom Logan and sub Virgil (probably won't contain smut)

  • How to Get Away With Murder (Analogical)
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    Step One: Get Kidnapped Step Two: Freak Out a Little Step Three: Learn More about Him Step Four: Fall in Love with Kidnapper in Some Shitty Stockholm Syndrome Shit Virgil doesn't even remember what happened. He remembered going for a walk, then a face, then it all went black, and the next thing he knew, he was tied u...

  • Analogical •oneshots•
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    These will be little things I'll write when im bored or have an Idea, if your have an suggestions please comment :)

  • Beautiful Pain
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    "Virgil, What did I do to hurt you?" "Logan, You left me for dead."

  • Darling, Nerd (Analogical OneShots)
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    Fluffy Virgil and Logan oneshots

  • Analogical oneshots!
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    Read the title dudeeeee

  • Sanders Sides One Shots
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    I kept getting ideas that didn't work for prinxiety or logicality but did work for other ships so here we are (None of the cover art is mine, I got it all from Google images. I take no credit for the cover art at all)

  • I Think I've Fallen In Love
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    Logan doesn't think he'll ever find love, but the timer on his wrist that counts down until the moment he meets his soulmate says otherwise. Also, fight me I'm an Analogical fan. But like, don't actually fight me. I'm weak. And your allowed to ship whoever you want. I love all ships. I just love Analogical the most. ...

  • Sanders Sides Boiz Oneshots
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    Because we HAVE to stick to my branding if we're doing a oneshot book, right? Right! Hello everyone! My name is Evangeline Hisahoshi and I am here to bring you terrible stories as my contribution to this fandom! I personally call myself a Famder rather than a Fander because Thomas himself said we are more like a famil...

  • Analogical Oneshots
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    My other book of oneshots is full of almost the same ships, and not very fluffy, so I decided to make each ship a book, and see how it goes. These will be pure fluff, or hurt/comfort, and I will try to stay away from angst. Requests are open. Enjoy. -The characters in this book do not belong to me (unless stated oth...

  • Young Ones
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    A regression Sanders Sides au for my sister because she's the one who convinced me to write fanfics.

  • Sander's Sides oneshots
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    some Sanders sides stuff idk... some ships, and some au's. there's probably gonna be a lot of family au's because it's one of my favorites. I also like writing angst, so there will be quite a bit. enjoy :)

  • things that are gay
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    Analogical fluffy head cannons, incorrect quotes and everything else! Enjoy!

  • Tears And Bubble Tea| Moxiety High School AU
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    ⚠Character's belong to Thomas Sanders⚠ ⚠TW: contains mature content⚠ ° ° ° Patton wasn't always your average teen. He used to be pretty down and upset when something life altering changed his family. The years have passed, and now, He's upbeat and always looks at things with a better light. He doesn't take no for an a...

  • Virgil/Logan | Sanders Sides [One-Shots]
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    So I accidentally started to really ship Virgil and Logan and there is so little fanfics so I'm gonna have to write some of my own lol. Analogical needs more fanfics, fanarts and edits. And since I can do one of those, here we are Much fluff Angst who??? I will do my best to include all potential trigger warnings in t...