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  • Bruises
    206K 12.3K 52

    "You lay a finger on her and I won't hesitate to blow your brains out." Jeon Jungkook is a part of the notorious gang "Bangtan" whose position as one of the most powerful gangs in Seoul is threatened when a gang ring named Blood Court rises to power in the streets. It's troublesome enough that Jungkook has a one-side...

    83.2K 3.7K 26

    [SOULMATE AU] [✓] He appeared as a silhouette in my dream along with a warm summer breeze. But just as he came, he disappeared. Taking with him half of me. When the morning came, I could not remember his face. Still, his warmth remains. "Who are you? Why am I crying?" I whisper to myself in the dark, catching a few...

  • The Loved One // KTH
    3.6K 448 15

    What is love? And how is it obtained? These were the only questions circulating Haewon's mind as she desperately searched for answers to flee a relationship she had started doubting was toxic until she stumbled across an 18th century book. The book, however, was not just words. He was not just a writer. She was not...

  • IQ148 // namjoon ✔️ #wattys2020
    76.9K 5.7K 76

    She was a wildfire of emotion that hid in the corner between the bookshelves. And NamJoon was curious as to why she concealed her flames. SYNOPSIS; [A highly intelligent man meets a struggling college student and have philosophical conversations together that will eventually help them find their place in the world.] ...

  • 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐬 | Kim Taehyung
    71.2K 3.8K 28

    ❝ You were an ocean that I wanted to drink from, but every time I get thirstier. ❞ Taehyung is the prince of Wonderland, son of the Queen of Hearts, and the heir to the throne. He was made solely to rule - no matter how much he hated his mother. His baggage isn't light, and nor is his past. But that all changed when h...