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  • Then came you
    77.6K 7.5K 42

    Made for each other.. unknown to them. But forced to live together as man and wife, because the universe thinks it will work out for them as it did for her sister and his brother. The two couples are always aflame with each other. Always inflexible towards each other. As they spit fire in their lives, which causes t...

  • Safaa
    686K 80.1K 71

    Join me as I tell you the story of the timid and naive Safaa.. And how her moderate life took a turn within a blink of an eye...

    68.9K 9.3K 51

    Two Lovers After there Marriage Comes the struggle for the long lasting of the union Comes the Hatred from a mother-in-law Comes The Pain Behind Heartbreak Comes the Effect behind Self pity Both Salim and Surayya love each other, what happens when life is a mixture of the good or the bad, The desired or the non-desir...

    64.9K 7.3K 35

    " Illusion is what I was , until I met her ." Being a superstar has its perks. But have we ever wondered what is the reality behind that acting façade ? Lost in the labyrinth of act , reality fades . like a bird in a golden cage .. So opulence yet penury . A story of a superstar whose life was nothing but an illu...

  • If Only ✔️ Sample
    980K 6.2K 5

    My life was perfect. I was happy. My best friend was getting married to whom we all believed she loved. But she left him at the altar on their wedding day, begging me to take her place. I could have refused, but I couldn't she had done everything for me. And so I agree. He was in love with her. Completely and utterly...

    Completed   Mature
  • forced to marry a vampire prince
    44.5K 1.1K 6

    morgan lost her sister and got kidnapped in the same day. what or who killed her? why does he want to marry her. is it love or obsession?

  • Philomena
    622K 29.4K 59

    Philomena is a child of the empire, traded to faraway Deusetats to seal an alliance and marry a prince: the handsome but arrogant Prince Rainhart. However, politics is never simple. On the eve of Philomena's wedding, the king is brutally assassinated, his heir accused of treason, and Philomena's life thrown into chao...

    78K 45 1

    The idea of arranged marriage vanished into thin air when she set her eyes on him. Although he is nothing close to the man of her dreams, he is a 'picture perfect'. Is there even a Mr. Right?, Amnah wondered. Hell broke loose when his mother decides to organise a bridal contest for her first son. Is she going ba...