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  • Not as it seams
    4.2K 109 15

    This story is following Lauren Cimorelli which is in a band with her 5 sisters. Their parents is dead. Christina is married to Nick Reali and they lives together Lisa lives with her boyfriend Jonas Amy and Katherine lives together That leaves Dani and Lauren. The sisters couldn't take care of them and they leaves the...

  • You Tripped Me - A Lauren Cimorell Love Story
    15K 189 22

    Lauren Cimorelli has a secret to spill.

  • Not My Type- Lauren Cimorelli (Fanfic)
    33.6K 1K 41

    Asher- "Come on, it's okay to admit it Laur. You may have a small crush on me." He said flashing a flirtatious smirk. I raised my eyebrows and let out a small laugh. Lauren- "No. You're not my type." Asher- "Mhmm. Whatever you say Laur." He said in a joking but slightly flirtatious tone. I have to keep hiding it. He's...

  • The day I met you | Laurisa
    20.1K 921 44

    Laurisa story (they're not related in this) Two broken hearts, not knowing if they can ever trust or love someone again, their friends drag them to a party. What's happens when the two meet? All of the family is the same, except for Lisa. In this story, her name is Lisa Carmen and she's 23. She has a younger sister na...

  • Forever and Ever || A Lauren Cimorelli Fan-Fiction | Book 1
    26.2K 622 32

    The Cimorelli girls were making it really big after their debut album release. From press conferences, to TV appearances, awards and a world tour. They'd go through five continents: North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America. Ky Allen was a 16 year old boy from New Zealand, whose dreams to meet his favorit...

  • New Kid
    20.8K 427 65

    Make sure to read book 2 afterwards. Warning: Some action.

  • Boy Next Door (Lauren Cimorelli love story)
    121K 2K 75

    (Book One of the Boy Next Door Series) A boy from Canada has a big time business mom. She gets a new job all the way in California. He is sad he has to leave his friends behind but will a girl he meets be more than worth it? (Used to be _LiesInTheSkies_ because my 15 year old ass tried to be poetic but that shit is ov...

  • Leaving (Lauren Cimorelli Fanfic)
    30.6K 882 40

    Lauren Cimorelli meets a guy named Jaiden Beckham. At first she insists that she doesn't like him but as more time passes will she change her mind? Jaiden- "You knew that this was going to happen." Lauren- "But I thought it was just an option, a small possibility. I didn't know that it would be so sudden." I looked at...

  • Lauren Cimorelli Love Story
    4.9K 140 33

    Andrew Scott also known as Drew is the king of his high school. Being a senior and everything. He plays basketball and football. He has 8 siblings. What if Lauren Cimorelli and Dani start Drew's school? Will Drew fall for Lauren? Will Lauren fall for Drew? Also follow through as Drew has some challenges in his life...

  • Little Secrets (Cimorelli)
    22.9K 579 21

    Little secrets grow up to be big lies.

  • Gone
    6.9K 339 11

    "A million words would not bring you back. I know because I've tried, neither would a million tears, I know because I've cried." • • • After an unexpected loss in the Cimorelli family, the devastated sisters are left to deal with the pain of losing someone they love most. How will they cope with the loss of their own...

  • What Happened to Us?
    85K 2.3K 43

    Lauren Cimorelli is broken. She has been kicked out of the band, and all her sisters have been ignoring her. All except one that is. Lisa is the only thing keeping Lauren from completely falling apart. But after months of unbearable silence she's finally time to give up. Will this be a wake-up call for her...

  • Family
    9.3K 325 17

    Christina and Katherine are the parents of 4 beautiful girls, Lisa, Amy Lauren, and Dani. They love and care for each other like a beautiful family but, Christina is mute, Katherine is a 'rape' victim, Lisa has depression, Amy has ADHD, Lauren has a nightmare disorder, and Dani cuts. Despite all of their individual pr...

  • Friends or Enemies?
    7.2K 221 13

    Six girls from different high school cliques meet at a Saturday detention. Will this bring them together or only make them hate each other? Will they become friends...or enemies?

  • Replaced * (Cimorelli Fanfiction)
    25.5K 839 19

    Dauren? Or Laurmy? Dauren? Or Disa? Sugar? And Spice? ..... Haha! Dauren is sooooo OVER! Read, to find out why. Will they patch things up? Or replace each other with Lisa and Amy!?

  • Texting Dani Cimorelli// A Dauren Story
    13K 473 18

    What happens when THE Dani Cimorelli accidentally texts Lauren Jones?

  • Conflicting Feelings (Laurisa)
    29K 1.2K 35

    Lisa has a thing for her younger sister Lauren but knows it's wrong so she decides to live in silence and not act on her feelings. But what happens when everything changes? Will Lisa act on her feelings? • • • There will be some cursing just so you know; also sorry if some of the "medical information" is incorrect. I'...

    5.3K 220 13

    *tHiS sToRy iS bAseD oN tiTLes oF CimOrElli's sOngs Do you ever feel like going through an unexpected breakup and feel it's like an end of the world? Well, that's the case of Lisa Michelle Francis, 25 year old woman with crazy sense of humour but also crazy luck to douchebags. Little did she know that her boyfriend wo...

  • Here With Me - A Dauren Fanfiction
    2.3K 95 10

    "If there comes a time we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there for ever" - Winnie The Pooh A trip that lead a 20 year old collage graduate from Chicago, Lauren Adams into the arms of Danielle Cimorelli a 19 year old singer songwriter from Nashville. Dani lived under the spotlight together with h...

  • Mystery Solved
    2.6K 131 12

    Book 6(ish?) It's time for Dani and Lauren's oldest daughter to have her own story. The last book in this series is going to be a wilddd ride so get READY

  • a little more (lauren cimorelli)
    7.8K 237 16

    Ag is starting her senior year. but when a girl shes never seen before makes her question everything the knows. things get intense. she doesn't want to fall for lauren. but maybe a little more summertime will make it happen. i never proof-read

    4.3K 133 17

    Have you ever been wondering about that how can you become so close with person who is completely different from you? That' s the case of Brooke Bailey, famous basketball player who also shines with her outgoing personality. On the other hand, here is Lauren Cimorelli, rising pop star who is known as the introverted o...

    3.8K 104 15

    "Cupid's dart hit me hard and suddenly, my heart wanted just her." Cimorelli sisters went on concert as its usual. Meeting new faces wasn't anything new for them. However, little did they know that for one of them was this show life-changing. Lauren Cimorelli and Alec Kubitschek. One of them famous singer and other o...

  • Lies Don't Hurt /// Lauren Cimorelli x Y/n
    16.9K 346 16

    No g!p No boyfriend and girlfriend No vegetables (maybe there are some) Yes gay Yes smut Yes swears Yes yes

  • The Quiet Girl (Lauren Cimorelli Fanfiction)
    33K 849 21

    "My sister is a huge fan so that's why I know you guys" "Ahhh, that's so cool. I already love your sister" said the tall green eyed girl. "We need to meet her! I can't wait!" added the shortest sister. "Hahaha, yes she will freak out" I said in a loud whisper "Okay, it was great to meet you but I gotta-" I didn't get...

    6.4K 146 17

    Shay Russey has one secret she is afraid to share - she is a bisexual. She had a boyfriend Liam but when she moved to Nashville, everything changed. She became a neighbour with famous singers Cimorelli and fell for one of them, Lauren. How will Lauren react when she find it out, will she feel the same way? And how wi...

  • changes (lauren cimorelli)
    4.2K 156 9

    sequel to 'you've been the change' with Ashers new found career and the girls break as a group start to hit new pecks. will the career of Asher and Lauren's new solo success destroy them again.

  • Hope For It
    13.5K 1.1K 37

    What happens when the two sisters Lauren and Dani fall for the same girl? Will it ruin their sisterhood or is their bound too strong? Started: 7th september 2018

  • More Then Just A Friend (Lauren Cimorelli Fanfiction)
    30.1K 862 38

    Anna was just a casual Cimorelli fan. But what happens when she wins a contest to meet them and gets flown to Nashville? More specifically when She has to hide her feelings for one of the members, Lauren Cimorelli. The introvert, the shy one.

  • Remember When...
    6.3K 177 17

    Chelsea Smith and Lauren Cimorelli now married, look back on life when they first met and started dating. When the pop star, fell for the thief. (Warning:Girlxgirl story) (Slow Updates because sometimes I wanna have a life) (Sorry not sorry)