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  • Distantly Falling Stars (GRAND WINNER * ONC 2019)
    4.6K 608 12

    Seti, a humble civil servant at the Office of Information, is selected for an important mission to retrieve a cluster of 'fallen stars' with very special, and very secret, properties. But why has he -- ambitionless and without influence as he is -- been chosen? And just who wants these particular stars at all costs...

  • Bunker Bird
    63.5K 4.4K 43

    Tim, a garbage handler in a post-apocalyptic bunker, loses the little he has. But then he finds Amy, the redhead with an attitude. Together, they will try to change the world they live in. -- Tim is one of those who shovel the shit and clean away the waste. Life in the dirt of others is all he knows. When his father g...