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  • together ☼ ethan
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    sequel to bestfriends. carter is finally back from australia to seek a fixing in her relationship with ethan. only to find a bunch of new drama, a thing she'd wish she left behind, suddenly hit at her face. [completed] @bronzethan

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    THICK © 2017 Sequel to SLIM - G.D "I'm not like other girls because I don't look like other girls, I'm not like them because I have a man that loves me originally for who I am. No matter what body I have." "And who is this man you speak of?" "That man is Ethan Dolan." *CONTAINS SEX, SWEARING, AND ALCOHOL* ●●● Aria tho...

  • SLIM - G.D | ✔
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    SLIM © 2016 "I wonder what they'd think of me now." ●●● Contains sexual content, mature language, and alcohol. Maybe some fifty shades of grey shit, but not really. Book #1 **CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING**

    Completed   Mature
  • bestfriends ☼ ethan
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    carter and ethan have been bestfriends since diapers. they've done everything together. they were like brother and sister. but most changes in senior year of high school when carter finds out she has serious feelings for her bestie after he had just gotten into a relationship. will she selfishly plot to break it up? o...