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  • Between Screams and Silence
    10.2K 464 6

    Following the traumatic birth of her daughter, Kathleen-Anne spirals into depression and struggles to cope with her newborn baby. Desperate to put some life back into the wife he adores, husband Rheemus suggests that she takes some time out to have some fun with her friends and Kathleen-Anne reluctantly finds herself...

  • The Hawthorn Throne
    16.1K 1.7K 66

    [Editors' Choice] A century and a half have passed following the Roman withdrawal from the British Isles, abandoning the accursed place to its plethora of chiefs and warlords. In the Kingdom of Elmet, a boy named Artorious, heir of Uther Pendragon, has pulled the sword from the king's stone and taken his place as Lor...

  • The Whispering of Bitter Creek
    10.3K 870 4

    Every family has its secrets. Unfortunately for Harlequin Jones, everyone knows her family's nasty little secret. For eight years, Harlequin and her mother have tried to forget the truth and bury the horrors of their past, but when Harlequin's grandmother begs for her to come and stay, the truth refuses to stay dead...

  • Come Hell or High Water | mxm
    35.6K 2.5K 18

    Recovering alcoholic Sam isn't quite ready to let go of his failing marriage. Gord gave up his dream to care for his dying father, and now he's trapped by an inheritance he doesn't want. When Sam's new job sends him to Gord's remote farm in the heart of the Canadian prairies, it isn't long before the two find themselv...

    72 14 1

    "The parcel was leaking. As we boarded the train it left a trail of small red droplets all the way down the carriage. It looked like blood. And there was an odor of something that had gone bad, like a small mammal left to rot in a ditch." CANVAS is a short story about a washed-up lawyer who lets his curiosity get the...

  • Lostar
    86 46 12

    Neo-noir meets Texan influences in this 80s fiction about a retired MMA fighter living the rest of his days at a motel. Conall Warner is intent on the simple life until trouble arrives at his doorstep with the death of a close one. A murder to be solved for the cops and a body to mourn for the fighter. The tragedy lea...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Last Human on the Archipelago
    1.5K 414 24

    [A Wattpad Adventure featured story] Escaping the suffering of her own world, Malia, a solitary scavenger, descends into a realm inhabited by tricksters, shapeshifters, and spirits, where humans have become extinct and where a hunter roams the archipelago for those who remain. Malia must decide who to trust as she em...

  • Let Me Go
    515 112 21

    I miss very much. Why did he have to leave me? Why did he think by doing so I would find happiness again? Doesn't he understand...doesn't he get it...he was my happiness. "Don't leave me," I whisper. "I'm sorry Xee. You have to... have to... let me go"

  • The Mystery of Grace Matthews
    99 18 1

    Many know about faeries, but fewer have actually seen them. The Faery Society is in danger of being extinct and there's only one person who can save it. That person is Grace Matthews! But ..who exactly is she?

  • The Lord is My Shepherd
    10 1 1

    This is a work of fiction based on a very real day.

  • The Last Parade
    26 3 1

    This all came to me in a dream several months back. I woke up and wrote it down before the vision left my head.

  • Slumber Party
    2.3K 192 4

    Mei is a stereotypical Asian nerd girl, and proud of it. She loves to play the piano and excels at school. The perfect daughter for her parents. Except, for one minor detail - she's 100% a closeted lesbian. Enter Amber, the cheerleader queen bee of the new high school Mei's attending for her senior year. To Mei, she s...

  • The Ghost of Therea
    209 44 3

    (Completed) In the kingdom of Therea, a criminal is given two options: Hang by the noose until death, or take the Slayer's Pact. Most are apt to choose the noose, for the Pact is known far and wide to be a fate worse then death. Harken chose the latter. The Ghost of Therea is a short story of a man seeking redemption...

  • Jake Rutledge and the Guy with Bad Timing
    216 18 9

    " A small place always needs a guy willing to do the stuff no one else will do, and well, I am that guy. My name is Jake Rutledge and I am a handyman. " This is a story about a drifter handyman, a flag-burning scientist, weaponized weather, and what happens when a guy just wants to make a little money for coffee and a...

  • I Stood On The Ledge
    182 45 9

    Things I feel about love and all that. This collection is a part of a larger whole by MWriterly on Instagram 💝 Thank you for reading!