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  • Don't Get Caught
    127 19 4

    Danny is an enigma. Living alone in an enormous, intimidating house, it seems he has no family, no friends, no job and no background - at least none he's willing to share. Your typical bad boy with a troubled past? Perhaps. Or is he actually a good guy with a terrible secret? His striking good looks and the mystery su...

  • Incognito
    11 0 3

    Tyler: prior service, cop, gargoyle, and a Kosherist, an anomaly in this futuristic world--someone who has never connected to the grid. He's on a mission with his partner to bag their mark, a hacker who stole from a high end corporation. Things go sour fast, but not in the way Tyler anticipated. Now he's left for de...

  • Sun And Shadow
    3.3K 510 9

    Goofy boys guard sheep and fail catastrophically to communicate in pseudo-ancient Greece: a romcom. It's not fun to be the twin brother of the most beautiful woman in the world. Lysandros, junior Prince of Chaldis, could tell you that much. It's even less fun when when an arrogant warrior comes seeking Phoibe's hand a...

  • I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry
    322 40 8

    Theodore Hobbs is hungry for a decent paycheck, and when a sultry shut-in with an astonishing fortune offers him a deal he can't refuse, his life takes an unconventional turn.

  • No Judgment: Looking Through LSD-Colored Lenses
    51 9 4

    I'm currently writing a book about writing a book while on LSD. I'm documenting almost everything that is going on around me, every thought that goes through my head, as well as every feeling that I'm having while I'm on LSD. It wasn't as easy as it sounds. I have to deal with a lot of distractions, physically and men...