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  • Funny Tumblr Posts | ✔
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    Just some of the most hilarious Tumblr posts.. Don't forget to comment and vote!

  • Bad Puns
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    101 puns that will get you through the day

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    all recent updates of covd_19 and so on will be placed here in my meeting hall

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    this is a chat specifically for meeting world wide if any wars and or issues break out you can insist on that meeting or If it political thing please summon a meet these meetings can take up to 3 two 5 hours or more

  • The empire cult/club (Le Countryhumans)
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    This is made for le people who like the empires (COUNTRYHUMANS!)

  • Aesthetic themes
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    #1 in aesthetically ❝How do you do it?❞ ❝Magic.❞ • • • I'll help you with your theme, love. I'd like to say I'm pretty good at this ;) • • • Book two in the Just for you books. Copyright © 2017/18 by -moonlust. All rights reserved.

  • Codes and Ciphers
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    For those who want to learn codes and ciphers.

  • 135 Random Things to Do in Public
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    WARNING: I SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY STUPID THINGS YOU DO BECAUSE OF THIS BOOK. I DO NOT PERSONALLY OWN ALL OF THESE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS MOST DEFINITELY ADVISED. When you're bored, you go do something to make you "un-bored". I suggest Netflix, Youtube, or if you're a bookworm, reading. Personally, I'm mo...

  • 55 Awkward Classroom moments
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