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  • The Arcana One Shots
    1K 7 2

    this book is filled with smuut, angst, fluff so have a good time with it :3

  • The Arcana [Asra x Reader] OneShot
    2.2K 42 1

    "You'll remember me (Y/N)" The Arcana [Asra x Female Reader]

  • The Magician - Asra X Reader
    29.6K 907 7

    Asra - The Arcana Idk man it doesn't follow the real story line at all but it has some of the same components such as your memory loss and all that. Tbh I'm not real sure where this is going LMAO but it's going ok Mmmm this was ranked #1 for Asra so you know it's good ;)))

  • The Arcana (Various x Reader)
    31.4K 451 8

    |Slowly ongoing| I wont be going with the Actual Story, Mostly coz I havent Finished it yet.