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  • Psychotic Bunny
    1.2M 43.7K 44

    #YANDERE "Sorry sweet heart .. that's the one thing I can't do for you , because I don't save lives .. I take em" He loves her and he's ready to kill for her gory , language , sexual content - you have been warned /THEME SONG : INKYZ - BOTTLE (PLEASE DOWNLOAD BEFORE READING) *In the process of editing* Started : 31...

    Completed   Mature
  • Red Riding Hood
    545K 20.4K 40

    A loud growl emitted from his beautiful plump red lips "Mate..." [COMPLETED] Will contain mature content #Werewolf fan fiction Started : 31 March 2018 Ended : 15 July 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Demon 18+
    626K 22.7K 41

    #YANDERE[completed] "What was that ??" I asked "Only the gods know ... A demon elemental maybe .. But pray he does not find you..." NB: THERE WILL BE ALOT OF WEIRD STUFF ESP IN THE SMUT SCENES DO NOT READ OR ADD MY BOOK IF ITS NOT YOUR THING , YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !

    Completed   Mature
  • Catalyst
    119K 6.4K 27

    Y/n takes in what she thought was her neighbor's escaped cat... PJM x reader. With the help of a kind stranger, Jimin and his hyungs must figure out a way to break into Kronos Tech to free their friends, Taehyung and Jungkook, from being turned into human/animal hybrid shape shifters. Will the boys be able to infiltra...

  • Flirting with the devil // JJK AU //
    84.1K 3.9K 22

    "Don't fuck with the spirits." Namjoon warned Jungkook. "Don't fuck with the balance. By doing so you're opening yourself up to Satan." Did Jungkook listen to Namjoon? Nope. COMPLETED: 5/8/19

  • Tokki // JJK Soulmate AU//
    511K 21.3K 57

    "I'm going to save you and bring you back where you belong. With me." A soulmate story with a little twist. COMPLETED: 2/8/19

  • Deep Down | BTS |
    516K 26.3K 66

    Jae, unlike everyone else, has nothing against the hybrid species. She likes being alone, where she is safe from ridicule and her controlling father. When a group of hybrids save her from some trouble, fate brings them together once more. OT7xReader Hybrid AU ⚠️🔞This story will contain various Mature themes such as v...

    Completed   Mature
  • VIRTUOSO - A MYG Story
    16K 1.2K 73

    After an unexpected transfer in her career, a young singer is swept into a whirlwind of life-changing events surrounding new romance, intergenerational friendships, and the music that intertwines it all. Inspired by true events. (( COMPLETED )) Also available on AO3 and Inkitt #1. GENERATIONS (3/10/21...

    Completed   Mature
  • Never Alone • a BTS fantasy ff
    150K 9.5K 39

    A BTS fantasy AU set in a fairytale world ... In which seven supernatural creatures decide to help a determined human on her mission to save her mother. ... A story of companionship, hatred, adventure, a lot of flirting, crackhead-energy and of course a supernatural bangtan~ ... Started: 11/06/2019 Completed: 25/01/20...

  • After Dark ✔️
    130K 8.4K 33

    Don't get caught out past isn't safe. Cover by: bangtanash

    Completed   Mature
  • a thousand instincts (#1)
    3.7M 137K 60

    Life Lesson #1: If you are planning on going to a nightclub in the middle of sketchy, dark woods, don't. Life Lesson #2: If there are too many attractive, healthy people in said nightclub, be alarmed and rethink Life Lesson #1. Life Lesson #3: If you were foolish enough to ignore rules 1 and 2, I suggest you haul a...

  • Syndicate ㅡ MYG
    295K 9.2K 80

    Stuck in a war involving the man she falls in love with. |Currently proofreading| Highest rankings #52 in Yoongi #18 in MinYoongi and #64 in Mafia

    Completed   Mature
  • Facade (Yoongi x BTS)
    370K 12.1K 51

    Yoongi was an innocent teenager but his peaceful life was taken away from him after saving the ex boss of a powerful mafia group.

    257K 6.8K 40

    "Don't test me Mia, I'm warning you" . He holds the gun on my chest .

  • Possessive (Min Yoongi FF) (Edited)
    155K 4.5K 49

    "So fucking beautiful" he muttered. His lips once again met my stomach but then my body was jerked back. "Watch it kook, she's still mine whether you or she likes it or not" Yoongi eyes shot glares into him. I turned my head slightly, to look at Yoongi. His jaw was clenched and his features seemed to stick out to me...

  • My Mafia Boy ✔
    287K 8K 52

    Behind my successful fortune there is a crime. Min Yoongi fanfiction.

  • The Mafia's Choice Min Yoongi x Y/N
    180K 5.6K 23

    Min Yoongi is the biggest Mafia Leader in Seoul, South Korea. Y/n is your average girl Who works at the local diner. One late shift leads to her life taking a drastic change. Wil she ever survive this?

    Completed   Mature
  • Kings don't kneel
    243K 7.9K 28

    Mafia King... Min Fricken Yoongi. Everyone knows him and is scared of him. Except me of course.

  • FOX || P.JM
    743K 44.4K 40

    ❝ Once upon a time, a fox loved a girl. ❞ Completion : ✔ Revision : ✔

  • A Slice Of Life || BTS
    1.9K 137 2

    Park Jisung is not an ordinary kid. That's not only because his orange hair resembles his father's; but because he might've also taken after his father's abilities to communicate with animals. - "Jisungie!" Jin had called out the boy's name cheerfully, his lips carrying a loving smile. But Jisung only pouts with his c...

    371K 25K 39

    His wish granted. He is human. But will it all ever be the same? ___ Sequel to 'Fox' Completion : ✔ Revision : ✔

  • Whistle In The Graveyard [[BTS]] ✔️
    10.7K 1.8K 26

    'Whistle in the dark' to summon up courage in a frightening situation, make a show of bravery. When teenagers start playing the game and go missing, detectives are at a loss and have to find out where they are fast before something or someone is resurrected.

    Completed   Mature
  • Legion of Dionysus
    21.5K 1.7K 41

    This isn't your typical paranormal/fantasy demon based romance... In this world there is a thin line between a God and a demon. In fact, Lucifer himself recruited seven former Greek Gods as his own Dominion. Each leading a Dominion over each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Dionysus was charged as the head of the Domini...

  • Alluvion's Water Lily
    3.7K 382 24

    The soulmate serum was released to the public two years after Lily was born. So, she didn't really know of a life outside of the concept. Her parents often read her fairy tales growing up, and she would change the story a bit. The prince in the story wasn't just the prince, he was the princess' or female protagonis...

  • Jagi's Book of One Shots {Temporary Hiatus}
    20.6K 1K 12

    Have a cool idea? I can't guarentee I'll use it but put it in the comments and I'll see what inspiration sparks!

  • Moonstruck | KNJ BOOK 2
    3.6K 448 31

    Book 2 of 'Flames' "You're the only one who can calm him down Indigo, help him!" As Namjoon started to be the alpha again, he learns how to be open. No secrets, he told his pack everything. Namjoon suddenly discovers horrific news from his past, his flames were a part of him and that's what he needed to accept. Wer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Needy ✔️
    262K 11.7K 27

    Innocence can not be determined by looks. This is a story, about finding the one who's needs match yours. "Your body is begging me to touch you." Cover by bangtanash

    Completed   Mature
  • The legend(of Juanpito)
    57.1K 4K 21

    Jungkook FF AU For mature audiences only! Rated r for ridiculous 🤪

    Completed   Mature
  • She Wolf {Temporary Hiatus}
    56.2K 3.5K 22

    Your entire family was pumping alpha blood. Yourself being the first alpha female in almost a century. Hearing that your brother, the Alpha leader of your pack, let in two rogue wolves to your territory was quite shocking. It didnt take long for you to meet one of them, Yoongi, with an instant attraction between the t...

    638K 25.7K 49

    After 3 years, the man you thought you'd spend your life with, was caught cheating. You were completely prepared to forgive him, to take him back, and to work on the relationship you so desperately had hope for, but alas your hope was for none. Not only did he cheat, but it had been going on for over a year. The girl...

    Completed   Mature