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  • Haikyuu X Reader ~ Ushijima's Cousin
    160K 3.9K 13

    Y/N spent her first year and one semester of high school at Seijoh also known as Aoba Josai. Once she was a certain someone took the biggest interest in her and his name was Oikawa he was a 2nd year at the time and the two got close he ask her to be the manager to make them even closer but her childhood friend Shouyo...

  • Hinata's Birthday Surprise
    1.9K 95 1

    They thought it'll be nice to prank Hinata on his birthday.

  • Female Hinata x Oikawa
    502 16 3

    (I do not own any of the characters of haikyuu) Hinata is actually a girl but her parents split up and one day she was walking and she met OIKAWA; Oikawa didn't know that was hinata; but when she was little he dad abused her until she left the house and started a career.(she was 14 when she left). (I kn...

  • Haikyuu!!: She's Your Sister!?
    238K 5.5K 38

    With a new team and a new coach, Karasuno is on their way to becoming a strong team. Golden Week has begun, and Ukai decided to bring in some back-up. Who might they be? Why, it's none other than Hinata's older sister, who just returned after graduating high school in America. Follow Karasuno, as they embark on their...

  • Harem of Shouyou Hinata (Haikyuu)
    49.6K 1.7K 14

    After Hinata's last match as Karasuno's #10, he starts to avoid everyone including the third years who've already graduated and gone to college. He regrets taking such actions, but he couldn't help it since he didn't know how to deal with his feelings. The only people he stays in contact with is Yachi and Kenma. Befo...

  • Hinata Turns Into A Girl?! (Fem!Hinata)
    288K 8.7K 66

    Hinata feels sick but is still smiling and laughing like always. The next day he/she wakes up as a girl, and doesn't know what happened. How Will she tell the team? And is she still able to play Volleyball? If so, how will this affect her? This is my first time writing, I don't consider myself as a writer. I just real...

  • Lovely
    5.2K 68 10

    Oikawa is a second year instead of a third year. hinata Hinata is a girl in this so yeah TobioKageyamaxKeiTsukishma Daichi x Suga Nishinoya x Azumane Daichi azumane and hinata are siblings And kageyama and oikawa are siblings Also suga nishinoya and Tanaka are siblings Warning⚠️ I don't own any characters in the bo...

  • OUR Little ANGEL [Kuroo Tetsuroo x Reader]
    84.3K 3.1K 27

    The God of Fate made an error of incorrectly tying the fates of two people and because of this, he brought upon you a little girl whose unintended objective was to give a little push in the relationship. What will you do when an unexpected family is handed to you? When just because of a little girl, you met the kind o...

  • Ardour [Haikyuu!]
    77.8K 3.7K 9

    [Various!Third Years X F!Reader] [College!AU] From the time college began till the end, your circle of friends grew but most of them didn't want to share that status with you anymore. They wanted more. They wanted love.

  • Mischievous [Haikyuu x Reader] [✅]
    458K 15.3K 46

    Naru (Y/N) is an energetic high school girl, but she was bullied since the day she started middle school in Japan. She sometimes plays outrageous pranks and started being called the 'mischievous girl' in her late school. Her first year was not good and decided to transfer in her second year, she chose Karasuno and st...

  • Haikyuu! Various X Reader - Disguised
    1.6M 64K 36

    Being the only female member of the male MMA club, you swept your way to the top but being number 1 for a while wasn't fun. You wanted a challenge so what you didn't expect was a challenge from the volleyball team. No, they weren't going to fight against you, they asked one of the most bizarre questions you never thou...

  • D A M A G E D F I N G E R S (Tendou Satori x Reader)
    33K 1.5K 18

    (Y/N) (L/N) is a teenage 18 year old drummer in the Shiratorizawa band. She's a 3rd Year in High School at Shiratorizawa Academy. Besides her drumming skills, people hated her and bullied her for her personality and make fun of her bruised fingers. She never was one to fall in love but once she met someone who suffers...

  • Sa-to-ri! (satori x reader)
    108K 4.7K 43

    Completed 🌺🌸✨ 34 Chapters 3 bonus chapters 2 epilogues

  • Will You Be My Sowlmate? (BokuAka AU)
    41.1K 1.5K 39

    !!WARNING SMUT!! Angst too a little. I'm sorry, I feel like crying too. Akaashi Keiji is just some normal everyday guy you see on the street. However, He never smiles. But one day someone makes him. And it's none other than CEO Bokuto Koutarou of Fukurodani holdings, who is utmost irritating. From then on, his l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best Mistake (Iwaoi)
    127K 8.2K 34

    Hearts are muscles. They don't break like bones do. They get torn. And once they're torn apart, they are never the same again. Oikawa Tōru learns this the hard way. When his most trusted person in the world dealt a massive damage in his life, he was never the same again. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Royal Secret - IWAOI Fanfic
    37.1K 1.6K 44

    Prince Hajime Iwaizumi has now celebrated his 18th birthday which means he is of age to choose a princess. Having no interest in choosing a wife, the King chooses for him. How will the prince handle his new princess.

    Completed   Mature
  • You Cheater [ IwaOi ]
    14.6K 368 5

    When Iwaizumi do things in Oikawa's back, the setter doesn't like taht one bit. A/N : I suck at summary so don't slap me please XD Well at first it was a One Shot, but it became a story with several chapters. I don't know how. I write this for my dear piggy <3 Enjoye

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝓚𝓲𝓽𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓮 || 𝓗𝓪𝓲𝓴𝔂𝓾𝓾𝓧𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻 ||
    208K 6.9K 71

    Y/N Tanaka, more known as 'Kitsune' to the world.She is a popular idol in Japan but not only is she a popular idol, she is also a prodigy volleyball player that specializes as a Setter.After her last year in junior high, she request to her mom that she wants to go back to Sendai and stay there. What happens when she a...

  • The Note|Nishihina|Noyahina
    17.3K 456 5

    ~Haikyuu Story~ [Finished] [Y'all is me after 5 months? I suck at math whatever|it was my first story ever it have a lot of error speelings it sucks, and I am kinda getting sick to rewrite it so...use ur brain to understand..Thanks!|] -The characters dont belong to me- -Its my first story ever so dont blame me if it i...

  • SolarFlare [NishiHina/NoyaHina]
    2.8K 125 1

    nishinoya falls for brilliance. falls for the way the yellow rays of the sun disappear into the horizon as the sky slowly turns from orange to dark blue. falls for the bubbly smile painted across hinata shouyou's face, and starts to feel like he's on the verge of crying. ✴ ¶∆DISCLAIMER:∆¶ Haikyuu!! does not belong to...

  • In the Rain
    15.3K 634 16

    Hinata finds himself fascinated by "Noshi" and his art. Only, he doesn't know who Noshi is, but hopes to one day meet him. Nishinoya, on the other hand is slowly falling for Hinata. As Hinata sorts out his personal issues, darker stuff lies ahead for him. note: all characters do not belong to me! this story will be...

  • Phenomenal ¦ Haikyuu!! ¦ KuroYachi ¦
    1K 38 2

    ❝Hand it over, Black Cat..!❞ ●○●○● Freshman in the arts department Yachi Hitoka moves to Tokyo for collage. She thinks everything is fine, everything is dandy; the landlady is nice and polite, her neighbor right across the hall seems nice, too-- or so she thinks. Third year in the science department, Kuroo Tetsurou de...

  • the boy in yellow • teruyama
    13K 885 12

    yamaguchi has been taking a lot of late-night walks lately, but his nights have been recently erupted by a loud group of bikers. over the next few weeks, he grows considerably closer with one of the bikers, and their story only blossoms from there. completed 4/25/20. lowercase intended. cover art credit: ridzakun o...

  • Switching Teams (Asahi x Nishinoya)
    26.7K 876 6

    Noya plays for the soccer club, Asahi plays for the volleyball club. Between them sparks a friendship, but what happens when Noya starts getting bullied?

  • When you give Kageyama coffee
    4.9K 155 9

    Karasuno is having a school festival, and Yachi is in a maid costume. When someone steals her from a certain Raven haired crow(( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), more coffee will be served.

  • Mental - HinaYachi
    15.6K 503 14

    "You saved me from the monsters inside my head." Disclaimer: Haikyuu!! and the characters in it are not mine. They belong to Haruichi Furudate

  • Haikyuu!! on Facebook
    2M 119K 146

    What would happen if Haikyuu characters have their own Facebook accounts? Date Started: 01/30/2016 Highest Ranking: #3 in Random (12/6/2016) ALSO AVAILABLE IN: Spanish (-AkiraCassidy-)

    57.4K 1.7K 17

    Shoyo Hinata had been lying, everyone told him he was bad at it, bad at acting too. However everyone was wrong. While Shoyo told everyone that he had a mom and that his dad just worked in a foreign Nation to support the family, the truth was much worse. Shoyo's dad sent child support to Shoyo, not his mother. His fath...

  • Life is unfair // haikyuu // oihina -discontinued (May continue in the future)-
    74.7K 2K 21

    -DISCONTINUED- Hinata and his sister are left alone with their father as not to long ago their mother passed away due to a car crash . Mr. Hinata ( the father ) blames shoyo for his wife's death , to add the dreadful situation , shoyo gets bullied by fellow classmates. But watch as everything changes as hinata attempt...

  • Shōyōs older brother
    12K 181 10

    Basically that Shōyō has an older brother that comes to visit him... But here's the catch... he ahs a cousin as well that came with his older brother and now Shōyō is stuck with both of them... How will his team react? What will his cousin and brother do?