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  • gay
    2M 71.2K 15

    "it's not gay if we call it a brojob!" (06/2016-10/2016)

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuck boy x bad boy taekook
    198K 4.9K 24

    Taehyung is a Badboy Jungkook is Fuckboy they hate eachother But can one night at a party change their 'friendship' Warning~ -smut -fluff (because I am softie) -degrading names -(in the smut they will be kinky AF) -Smut in public (not literally on the street)

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuckboys of Daegu [•vkook and yoonmin•] (COMPLETED)
    1.2M 54.7K 49

    Yoongi and Taehyung are cousins that run a successful flower farm. They're businessmen by day, and slick fuckboys by night...well scratch that, they're slick fuckboys all the time. What happens when brothers Jimin and Jungkook move from busan to daegu and starts their own flower farm right across Tae and Suga's ? Can...

    Completed   Mature
  • TaeKook Smut
    72.1K 1.1K 8

    Its gay smut ❗REQUESTS OPEN❗ ♦Kinks ♦Dom/Sub ♦Top!Tae ♦Top!Kook ♦Bottom!Tae ♦Bottom!Kook 🔹Don't like it? Don't read it🔹 This book is an excuse to write smut when im bored or horny. Welcome to my shit, enjoy 💜

  • one week [taekook] ✓
    661K 44.4K 73

    jeongguk, interested in free food. taehyung, interested in jeongguk. a one week relationship that might turn into more. -• "take a risk." "how?" "be my boyfriend."

  • 𝙨𝙞𝙧𝙚𝙣
    3K 189 2

    𝐓𝐀𝐄𝐆𝐆𝐔𝐊. the streets are quiet. buildings are blown to ashes. people are going extinct. the dead are taking over.

    212K 14.5K 30

    in which two guys chat, without realising that one was dying. ❝kookiekream: will you stay with me? taebear: if life lets me. ❞ TRANSLATORS: @cookiemino [VIETNAMESE] @stanct- [FRENCH]

  • My Hybrid Taehyung
    862 34 3

    When Taehyung a stray Cat Hybrid looking for a safe place, meets Jungkook, will Jungkook be his home? Jungkook was always missing something, will he find it in the adorable Cat Hybrid? -Just some Taekook fluff with Adorable Taehyung and Whipped Jungkook-

  • Taekook Oneshots
    442K 20.8K 149

    A selection of concepts that I thought of in order to avoid writing endless books. Top!Kook, even if it sometimes seems otherwise. Enjoy! (REQUESTS CLOSED)

  • Curse ▶ jjk ; kth
    283K 11.9K 40

    Where two highschool students meet and discover things they forgot about their past along with unexpected events

  • MEANIE | taekook
    66.8K 3.4K 12

    in which jungkook is a big fat meanie

  • His Slave || Vkook||
    84K 2.6K 11

    After being dumped by his ex boyfriend,Jung Hoseok just before their 100 days anniversary, Kim Taehyung meets a rich college guy named Jeon Jungkook when he kicks a can that accidentally hits Jungkook in face and causes him to scratch his Lexus. Jeon Jungkook demands Taehyung to pay him $3000 on the spot.But he refuse...

  • kumiho ◇ j.jg +
    34.7K 2.1K 9


  • After School
    318K 11.8K 43

    in which neither mr. jeon nor taehyung care about legality. ⚑ mature content