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  • Eijiro Kirishima X Reader "Someone Like You "
    54.6K 1.3K 7

    Y/N takes the test to enter UA high and meets a sweet red headed stranger. Will they be close friends in the near future or is this meeting just a one time thing.

  • Pinky Ring
    1.1K 68 1

    Needing space, Eddy's sister opened up the built-in closet of his brother's previous room. Boxed the things up, and sent one item to SG. One item, unlocked dormant feelings. --- Thanks @chlochlobear for the cover~ 😆😆 --- Warnings: Themes Language S H V D This is a work of fiction.

  • twosetviolin oneshots
    5.2K 182 3

    tsv oneshots fluff, angst, platonic, romantic

  • Secret Of Babybun
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    This story is about y/n trying to find out his lover's bun the most wanted serial killer that love to collect his victim's bone and organs leaving only flesh on the scene Warning:18+ *short introduction of the author/me* Hi everyone my name is Achi and it's my first time to publish a story so please excus...