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  • The 'Stereotypical' Society #Malaal
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    A short poem addressed to the stereotypical society that has been 'tagging' and 'judging' a certain group of humans recognised as females. So far, this has been my major disappointment as a well-educated and learned female who is capable of contributing to this very own society that has judged me on so many levels. M...

  • Udaan- Ek Malaal #Malaal
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    [WINNING ENTRY] #Malaal #TSeries "In my next life, I'll be your girl. In my next life, I'll make you stay." Astha and Shiva, two childhood sweethearts separated their way to fly high and fulfill their dreams. But that Udaan became the biggest malaal of their life.

  • The #Malaal That Was
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    This story has been posted as part of the Malaal Writing contest by T-Series. It is a slice of life story where a granddaughter finds out something that her grandmother has been hiding, and works to help her loved granny.