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  • ¡COMPLETED! Strawberry Fields: John Lennon X Reader
    1.2K 134 20

    (#14 IN JOHN LENNON) y/n l/n gets up every day, surviving the only way she knows how - alone. Orphaned as a child and forced into the child welfare system, she knows better than to depend on anyone but herself. She's learned trust is a word used all too often, but rarely earned. y/n believes that her best chance for m...

  • Let It Be (A Beatles Story)
    406K 11.8K 72

    A simple story of love, friendship, tears, and time-travel.

  • The Female Beatle
    1.8K 58 16

    The Fab Four aren't quite The Fab Four they were cracked up to be. When they meet Lottie they are in for quite the ride as she is the key to their stardom- she can reach the notes but can reach their hearts too. How different would it be if there was a Female Beatle? [George Harrison fanfic]

  • Time Travel! The Beatles x reader
    6.2K 104 12

    Y/N is a girl who has always loved music, anime, YouTube etc. But when it comes to music, she LOVES The Beatles and wishes she could meet them. Little does she know.... Hope you will like it!

  • Razzmatazz (Beatles Fan Fiction)
    33.5K 973 16

    August 1963 - The Beatles are playing a 6 night residency in Llandudno, Wales, when a stranger arrives looking for John. What is the secret past these two people share? And what will it mean for the future of The Beatles? * * * Razzmatazz: (also razzama...

  • Welcome to Paul Paradise
    31 4 3

    You always dream of Paul. You seem to go into a place your friends call "Paul Paradise " and dream of being with him.

  • Time traveling Beatles? (A Beatles X reader story)
    11.4K 347 21

    This is another X reader, but this time it is about the Beatles. They end up time traveling to the future, and you get to meet them! (Will eventually become a beatles love story, but I'm not sure for which beatle yet.) ( Also, I Do not own the Beatles!!! I don't own you either!!!) (cover by @LonelyPretzel6

  • ~The Beatles Imagines & Preferences~
    23.3K 653 20

    (But mostly Imagines ) (Seriously it has only 1 preference) (on hiatius too :/) A book for everybody who likes the Beatles a little too much... Trying to avoid the typical imagine scenario's, not always succeeding :P Requests are closed right now, as this book is on hold.

  • An Interview with The Beatles and Me
    4.4K 349 34

    The Beatles have discovered the internet and they found Wattpad, they want to do an interview with you (the new generation of beatlemaniacs) and answer your questions.

  • Baby It's You
    11.8K 608 27

    If you asked Anna Hartman what love is, she wouldn't have a clue. Her high class, private school life and over protective mother have always been distractions from a normal teenage life in Liverpool. But it's Anna's last year in education and she wants a change, she wants to escape her concealed life and attend a publ...

  • Idols || John Lennon
    20.7K 819 16

    In which John Lennon just wants one more date with her. In which she knew better than to meet her idols. [Social Media AU] [cover by @shamones]

  • temporary fix || george harrison
    48.8K 1.9K 49

    a time traveler who doesn't know she went back 50 years into the past, and a lead guitarist who refuses to send her back.

  • You Like Me Too Much
    38K 1.4K 35

    John leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, "I know you want me. You'll come back for more, and I'll be ready when you do."... When Maya sleeps with one of her best friends, she dismisses it as a one time only mistake, but John wants more, and won't give up easily...

  • 𝐈𝐭 𝗪𝐚𝐬 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞⁣ *𝘎𝘦𝘰𝘳𝘨𝘦 𝘏𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘪𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘍𝘢𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘤*
    36.8K 1.2K 40

    Diana McCartney. One year younger than her older brother Paul. After being left with her father and two brothers after her mother died, interesting things start to happen. She meets John Lennon, later Ringo Starr, and a cute boy named George Harrison. She has a special liking for George and he has a special liking fo...

  • In Spite of All the Danger
    493 26 7

    You are a smart school girl who only has one true friend: George Harrison. But that all changes when you attend one of the shows. (VERY SLOW UPDATES)

  • The Beatles, Queen, and The Monkees
    160 8 5

    So I'm putting my three favorite bands together with me because I'm in love with them. They'll be doing a lot of random things. Inspired by @Beatles_Rule story "Hey, Hey, We're The Monkees and The Beatles" because it's one of my favorite Wattpad stories ever.

  • Here, there and everywhere
    232 14 5

    (This is a remake of my first Beatles story "Time Traveling Beatles" I think I'm just going to do an OC, but that may change.) This story begins in the past. Where a life changing band finds something that brings them into a new era, one they never dreamed of: 2018. Enter Kaitlin Williams, a freshman college student...

  • In Spite Of All The Danger
    48.8K 1.9K 38

    ❝In spite of all the danger In spite of all that may be I'll do anything for you Anything you want me to If you'll be true to me In spite of all the heartache That you may cause me I'll do anything for you Anything you want me to If you'll be true to me❞ Winnie is a young rebellious teenage girl in Liverpool, Engl...

  • Ain't She Sweet
    82.9K 3K 37

    Grace, a woman of the twenty-first century, must prepare for her big day, of which she weds a man she could never love. Her true love stands with the Beatles, a band of which she admires greatly. But what happens when she finds herself back in 1963? ***

  • Reconnecting With My Dad John
    3.3K 110 20

    What happens when John lennons quirky and fiesty teenage daughter comes face to face with her dad who she hasn't seen in over a year

  • Baby //beatles
    5K 159 10

    Ringo gets the shock of his life when someone leaves a random baby on his doorstep. The note claims the baby is his and she is two months old. Ringo decides to call her Luna Starkey and raise her by himself with a little help from his friends of course. Can Ringo balance fame and being a good father at the same time...

  • Do You Want To Know a Secret?
    72.4K 2.8K 28

    When seventeen year old Poppy Epstein's uncle Brian decides to start managing one of the most popular bands in Liverpool her world is completely turned upside down. How will she handle these four sudden additions to her life? And will one change her life forever?

  • I Need You
    49.6K 2.1K 30

    (Do You Want to Know a Secret book 2)

  • In My Life
    30.5K 985 53

    They had grown up right next door to each other and had been best friends since they could remember. John had always seen Olivia as 'just a friend' until one fine day. Although they were young, they knew this had to be real love. Many challenges and changes are coming their way and the battle to be with each other be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling for the Beatles (Beatles x Reader)
    765 10 5

    You are nothing but a simple musician, looking for a job. One day when you go home you get beat by your father. All you can think of is running to your studio and hiding there away from everyone. But you are far from alone, the beatles show up at your studio. And that's the start of a new chapter.

  • Who's the One?
    47.6K 1.4K 19

    Rose Taylor, a sixteen year old with a passion for music lives in Liverpool, England with her sister, mother, and step-dad, with occasional visits from her father. She's a shy girl with not many friends, but when you get to know her, she's actually a funny, sassy, unique, and strong girl underneath, and that's exactly...

  • Carry On (A Beatles Fanfiction)
    20.2K 696 54

    COMPLETED After years of precision and cleverly hiding the truth from their young daughter, the son of John Lennon attempts to put the many secrets of his life and his father's life behind him. When his daughter, Ashley is seventeen though, she discovers the secrets almost by accident. Horribly upset by knowing her p...

  • Faded Bruises
    38K 1K 21

    Scarlett Tyler never asked for an abusive boyfriend, a missing mother and an abandoning father. She never asked for that night at the party, or the nightmares that followed. She tried to avoid any ounce of conflict or drama. She never asked for anything. She also never asked for love. But she got it and found it with...

  • Imaginary friend
    18.8K 763 30

    Erin is a 15 year old girl living in 2015 Scotland, Edinburgh. She has an imaginary friend that no one knows about apart from her. His name is John. John Lennon. But is he really imaginary?