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  • Under Devil's Blood-Resident Evil 6
    54.4K 2.3K 41

    (Read "Vengeance of the Crow" before reading this.) It was as if a replica of Raccoon City sprung to life, all in one night. You were getting situated once again, preparing yourself to head into the new world with bold preparations to let your mind rest at ease with your life, no matter the cost. Instead, you disco...

  • Vengeance of the Crow-Resident Evil 5
    21.2K 1.1K 25

    (Read "Shady Promises" before reading this.) After all this time, you finally received the answers you've been waiting for. In exchange, you were to work with Wesker again, settling his plans for his 'New World', containing meta-humans evolved by a new type of parasite, which partook a part of you in creating. Desp...

  • Shady Promises-Resident Evil 4
    81.6K 3.2K 57

    (Read 'In Angel's Clothing' before reading this) You and Leon Kennedy were sent to go Rescue the President's Daughter. It was meant to be a simple rescue mission, but it turned out to be more than you could chew. You were struggling to find yourself some answers out of this mess, and along the way, you were given...

  • I'm In The Game?! - [Leon Kennedy x Reader]
    17.5K 535 10

    You've been a fan of the Resident Evil series for years, after waiting months for the new remake you finally get it. But just as you were going to play it for the first time you pass out and sometime later find yourself waking up inside the game! Joining forces with Leon, Claire and Sherry you fight your way out of th...