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  • Phantom of Remnant (Phantom of The Opera Reader x RWBY)
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    The idea for this story is brought to you by @Thornfinna he helped with some ideas for this story. The rest was me with some inspiration from the original story and movie. If you like it let me know and I'll write more like this, stories based on classics. (Y/N) was born different than the rest, he was born with a cur...

  • Prince of Darkness (Dracula! Male Reader x RWBY)
    426 15 4

    (Thanks to @Thornfinna for another story idea) An ordinary student at Beacon Academy, (Y/N) was known as the Impaler of the Grimm. However, to protect those he loves he became a monster. He must battle his bloodlust to escape his dark curse, but just how long can he hold out.

  • Shadow's Scary Stories
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    Short Scary Stories as told by Shadow. If you don't enjoy them I don't blame you, I mean I was just trying my hand at it, but if you enjoy it then at least you liked it, right? It's not about the adventure but what you gained from it. Anyway... I'm rambling please enjoy to your heart's content.

  • Vengeance of The Bat (Batman! Reader x MHA)
    321 12 3

    (I asked what you wanted me to write next so here it is this sounded like a really good idea) Born without a quirk he was abused and neglected by his Pro-Hero family, he spent most of his life in a cave full of bats, it wasn't until he met Mei Hatsume that his heroics could shine.

  • Time For Venom (Venom x BNHA)
    18 2 1

    (Art by Kiki (@udon_118)) (Y/N) Brock was a journalist walking on a beach one day when a meteor crashed in front of him. He investigated it then the next day presented the story to his boss. He was fired because when they checked it out there was no meteor or crater, they believed he had just wasted their time and res...