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    A Mafia leader An underworld criminal A gangster and what not. A beauty queen A miss Mumbai A charmers and what not. He kidnapped her She bewitched him . But there are mysteries.. What will happen when the mystery is uncovered?

  • Their elegant relationship
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    This story is about keesh and how their relationship evolves to know more read the story ???

  • Story Of Ansh
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    Story of Ansh Naksh Singhania and Aahana Malhotra

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    Naksh is married to Tara who is just a torture for him.. Keerti is married to Aditya whose only job is to make her life hell.. . But there is a past and mysteries.. There is guilt and sadness.. . There is love and romance.. . Uncover the story with me and join the journey of Naksh and Keerti.. .

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    Waking up naked beside a stranger is common.. But waking up beside Rishi Dev is not.. And to add more what if he liked you and wants to keep you.. This is what has happened with Mohena Kumari Singh.. See this side of spice with me..

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    True love never fades. There is always a spark which keep it alive. Will this same applies in Keesh's love also. . Meet Naksh Singhania He has everything but love from a partner and his mother and sister whom he lost.. Meet Keerti Goenka She has everything but what is missing is love that she wants and want to give...

  • keesh- SS will love conquer their pain (Completed ✔️)
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    sneak into this love story of keesh in which Keerti conquer Naksh all pain...

    Completed   Mature
  • Keesh- The Iconic Couple❤
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    Heyy guys.. My name is Shanaya❤ I am here to entertain all the keeshians with an amazing keesh ff... Need ur love nd support guys❤

  • Keesh- LOVE lasts forever
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    Most Impressive Ranking #1- schoollove (28/01/2019) #1- responsibly (27/02/2019) Hey guys we all love keesh truly in every dimension.My story is a immature school love story of keesh facing all hurdles in life nd becoming mature. Lets explore their love story from being childhood sweethearts to mature adults!!

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    Hey guys i m back with a new story it will also be completely different from the serial. please be supportive.

  • Keesh and their little one
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    Fanfiction on keesh my most favourite couple

  • Keesh- The Revenge Story
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    keerti who wants to take revenge from her love Naksh and his wife Tara.... wants to know why... so stay tuned because there is history behind every mystery....😉😉😉

  • keesh- Tu jo hai toh main hu(Completed✔️✔️)
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    By facing all up down will they fall in love