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  • Intruder - A Dubcon Erotic Romance
    13.7K 288 3

    "Be careful what you wish for." --- No.1 story in Literotica Hall of Fame in category NonConsent/Reluctance (among 25k stories) --- Sarah wants a dominant man. Or so she thinks. Unfortunately for her, the wish is about to become a reality when an intruder forces his way inside of her hotel room to give her as much pl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seduction - An Erotic Office Romance
    21.1K 707 14

    "Acting as bait is way out of her comfort zone." "But what won't you do for your best friend?" Emmie is trying to distract Jake by planting fake support calls. All in the effort of giving her friend access to her latest crush. But the constant bantering and the sexual undertone is making it harder to keep her distance...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil You Know - A Dubcon Erotic Romance
    2.3K 95 3

    "Sometimes even the best-laid plans fail miserably." How do you prevent the hot boss from going berserk with the office credit card at the annual Halloween party? Mia has the perfect plan: A masked devil costume, a little seduction mixed with plain theft. Some steaming sex with her hunky boss is just icing on the cake...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped - A Dubcon Erotic Romance
    1.5K 37 1

    "A brutal man turns into a sensitive lover." "Being kidnapped was the best thing that could have happened." Holly has married an older, wealthy businessman. A match made in heaven, until she realises she is just for show and not to be touched or loved. Alone and bored she wants to break free but dare not. Until she's...

    Completed   Mature