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  • A tale from the past
    497 72 36

    the background story from the characters, how were their lives before? Here you will read the tales

  • Change What Droplet Made
    1.5K 94 71

    Book 8 in the droplet series! (you can start reading here although it might be smart to start earlier in the series to understand this book better.) Book 1, 2 and 3 can be find on @WeightObsessed account Books 4 and ever after are on this account. You can step in by book 4 (it's better to step in by that in my opinio...

    Completed   Mature
  • Back Alive, A droplet Life
    1.8K 76 62

    Book 7 of The Droplet Series Haven't read the other books? No worry, you can step in from here (or just start anywhere you want to start to read). Sacha has been brought back alive by Luke, sadly James can't really take the chaos his life has become, adding a little thing called 'bringing Sacha back' causes him to cra...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Droplet Curse
    1.9K 73 32

    Book 6 in The Droplet Series. Sebastian is playing with life, death and droplet fat. Steve loves James, James wants peace. Sacha's spirit will mess things up. A knife becomes a friend and as well as an enemy. Ella, Rosie and Mikey need a chance.. warning... Book 6 might mess things up, be dark, be twisted.. don't judg...

  • Take Care (book 5 in The Droplet Series)
    1.6K 52 24

    Steve got back home at James after the incidents that happened at Sebastian. There is still danger awaiting them. James won't eat because of the fear, the memories of everything that happened.... Steve has those visuals, voices that tell him to kill... Sebastian isn't catched... And the droplet bottle.. nobody knows...

  • A Droplet Monster
    2.9K 106 23

    Book 4 in The Droplet series. You can start from here too (no need to read the books before). Steve got kicked out of James' house. After saving the boy's life and made him mobile again he got to safe himself. James got to time to think and grieve, Steve ends up at Sebastian (new character) a guy he met in the far far...

  • Not A Single Droplet
    6.4K 192 39

    Sequel of More Than A Single Droplet. Book 3 in The Droplet series. After Steve and James got free from prison, it's been time that life would be settled to normal. The question that's left: Can they do that? book written by Elly

  • More Than A Single Droplet
    11.7K 184 25

    Sequel of A Droplet Too Much More than just a weight gain story. James who poisoned his girlfriend Sacha (with a droplet that made her gain weight) is stuck in prison where he gets a payback for what he has done. The nerd who loves maths will be suffering. Hopefully his prison cell mate helps him. story written by: El...

  • A Droplet Too Much
    1.8K 10 16

    The first book in The Droplet Series. The story is about James and Sacha, James decided to do something all in a sudden but it changes his life forever, it scars him from the inside and the guilt is unstoppable. How will he cope? It's a book I started writing because I wanted to make a story containing mathematics bu...

    Completed   Mature