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  • Titanic (WillNExMemeulous)
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    none of this will be accurate, this is mostly just what I remember from my one time watching the movie. Please don't get angry with me at significant details I may forget im sorry this is mostly just for practice.

  • Commentary Group Chat
    57.6K 1K 29

    a commentary crew group chat fic. they are all in high school and are a bunch of gay crackheads. Will include smut. Mostly shorter chapters and I'll try to update often.

  • Study Club
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    Josh, James, Fraser, George, Alex and Will join an after school study club.

  • social
    63.7K 2.6K 42

    alex elmslie has a crush on the popular instagram influencer willne. the only problem is that will never shows his face online, not even to his closest internet friends.

  • The Balcony Scene
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    with tears in my eyes, i begged you to stay. you said, "hey man, i love you, but no fucking way." {willxgeorge} [on hold]