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  • Just You Wait || Lams Interactive
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    Alexander Hamilton has been trying to get a hold on his career for six years. Even after being promoted to John Laurens was the type to get what he wanted. He had a loving family, money, and was living his dream life. Everything seemed to be going great until he realized he was missing something important: love. Whe...

  • Musical x reader (One-Shots)
    131K 3.1K 77

    A bunch of musical characters x reader imagines and one shots!

  • ✓ timezone | Lams | Hamilton | chat
    18.1K 1K 69

    John Laurens has the tendency of moving in and out of countries. Alexander Hamilton has an unhealthy habit of texting him despite the time zones. ▪︎ [ Hamilton: An American Musical ][ Lams (Laurens x Hamilton) ][ Chat fic ][ Historical and Musical appearances ][ COMPLETED ]

  • Hamilton Memes
    250K 15.2K 200

    a bunch of hamilton stuff I found. nothing special. I don't own most of this stuff, just found it online. only a few are mine

  • You're Not My Dad
    79 4 4

    "Mama?" Frances Laurens was a normal, happy six year old. At least, until her mom died. Having never met her dad, who she was told had died before she was born she went into a foster home. After being kicked out because of a fight, she had to find a way to fend for herself. But, most people won't hire a sixteen year o...

  • || Hamilton Oneshots || Requests Closed|| *Edited*
    64.4K 1.4K 110

    *Most of these are about the Poly relationship of Hercules, Lafayette, Laurens, and Alexander. I don't own Hamilton, of course, and I wrote these in 2016 - when I was big into Hamilton. If there are any things I don't remember and forget while editing, please comment and I'll make sure to add them. Thanks for readin...

  • Hamilton Crack Book: All the crack you need
    9.6K 824 200

    memes and crack *party time*

    26.7K 1.4K 74

    Hope you enjoy~!

  • S T U D Y [Hamilton AU] (LAMS)
    127K 5.8K 20

    john laurens and alexander hamilton have always hated each other. laurens hates how hamilton always gets the grade and is at the top of the class while he is miraculously passing his classes. but hamilton hates how laurens can always be himself, unafraid of being judged. when the two are assigned as roommates for thei...

  • Common Worker || Lams Modern AU
    22.2K 975 18

    •• Lams •• I won't specify things in this book, but when I put ⚠️ I'd mentally prepare yourself. •• Alexander Hamilton works at Target and barely earns enough money to pay off his rent. But what happens when he comes across a customer that captivates him?

  • Unidentified Love|Lams|Boss AU| Soulmates AU
    23.2K 727 31

    Alexander Hamilton: A two sided business men who has no time for the fantasy of 'Soulmates' to which he doesn't believe in. John Laurens: An abused cinnamon roll who adores for the idea of some one destined to love. How could these two complete opposite human beings possibly be soulmates? That's what everyone believes...

  • The Locket ✔ | Pirate Lams
    50K 2.6K 29

    John Laurens hated pirates, absolutely despised them. They steal, they kill, they smell, and much more. But what really pushes John over the edge is the kidnapping of his sister. John goes out to find her. He lands on an island where John finds a locket that shows him who he needs/wants and where to find them. Not lo...

  • Hamilton Oneshots!
    216K 5K 206

    Hello hello! This oneshot book contains a variety of both fluff and angst (though I love doing fluff more)! I do not, however, write smut/lemons, so all you lil sinners get outta this corner of the woods (though I will throw in a few... innuendos and stuff like that XD). I am currently taking requests! Enjoy~! ((highe...

  • The Bad Boy's Boyfriend | lams
    37.5K 1.9K 33

    The Bad Boy likes boys, who knew? John Laurens loves to gush about his partner. Won't tell you anything about them specifically, he just gives you an idea. So when word gets out that John's special friend is transferring to their school from across the ocean, the school explodes with gossip about them. Until one morni...

  • Hamilton Reacts to Stuff!!
    99.1K 2.2K 71

    Title says it all. (This book is completed, and requests will no longer be taken. Thank you!)

  • •The Lighthouse• [a Hamilton Zombie AU]
    60 8 2

    •This one got the most votes, so!• The Lighthouse. When people walked in, it was as if they were stuck. Nobody who went to the lighthouse ever came back out. Not since the outbreak started. Some say the place is infested by zombies. Others say it is a crazy scientist who keeps people in their basement to rot. This pea...

  • Taken in by Hamilton
    116K 3.5K 108

    "Excuse me, are you alright?" A man with a black pony tail asked. It was my idol. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Taylor was abused. She was bullied. She was broken. And then she got adopted. By Lin-Manuel Miranda.

  • Jamilton Oneshots // Hamilton ✔️
    180K 4.2K 215

    hamilton n jefferson oneshots thank u for reading!! 200 chapters of oneshotss :c there's fluff, smut, n angst !! :) and deh and ofc bmc

  • _AverageAvenger_'s Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay
    698 39 13

    ~You can be anyone! You can be an OC, or an already existing character!!~ You are trapped in the Zombie apocalypse. Your troop has died, so you're fighting on your own. Until you find a building, holding someone by the name of Mollie.

  • _AverageAvenger_'s Hamilton Roleplay Book!
    172 14 6

    exactly what the title says

  • Hamilton + Flirting = Gay Disasters
    3.5K 443 29

    [insert beautifully crafted description here] But basically, it's a buncha Lams and Mulette flirting lol

  • What the heck I got to do? (21 Chump Street x Reader)
    31.7K 962 15

    1st story of it's kind ! <3 (Y/N)..moving from the big city into Florida. Also into a whole new life. Park Vista High School, has been all over the news. But was also the closest suggestion. You find yourself in the same classroom from the one and only Justin Laboy. Or multiple..classes. But you don't know his story...

  • Hercules' Instagram roleplay
    1.5K 96 21

    Here we go sports fans XD

  • My love...| Hamilton One Shots
    267K 7.3K 100

    One shots because why the gosh darn not? :3

  • Lafayette's Instagram! (Open Roleplay!)
    2.4K 211 48

    Bonjour! Welcome to my Instagram!

  • Open Roleplay! ~ Maria Reynolds Instagram Account
    1.4K 138 29

    This is an open roleplay, if you want a role, just comment! I'll update the roles if more people come in! This is obviously a modern au, but a lot of the pictures wont be modern (There just isn't a ton of modern fanart for Maria) Most, if not all of the art is not mine! No bullying, homophobia, racism, nothing like th...

  • I never want to say goodbye; a John Laurens x Reader
    144K 3.4K 65

    So I based this story off my own life with a few changes. Just so you know, I suck at writing. Warning: there will be swearing, controversial topics, and smut. So yeah enjoy!

  • My Dear...| Hamilton One Shots
    155K 5K 100

    Y'all REALLY think I'm gonna stop at 100?! >:3 Cover art not mine!

  • Cut, Curl, Color - A Lams Soulmate AU
    112 20 2

    Your hair is the only way to find your soulmate, and you can't change your hair. But one person can. Cover is not mine! Story written with help from _AverageAvenger_ so you should go check her out!