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  • Battle of the Killers
    757K 46.4K 139

    What happens when a bunch of killers are forced to live together? BATTLE OF THE KILLERS is a reality show that follows Betinia Woods, a girl kidnapped and forced to live in an underground bunker with twelve other killers. The bunker is equipped with hundreds of cameras and microphones that follow the killers every mo...

  • The Exiled Queen
    28.3K 649 20

    "I've been warned in my ten years in Faerie to never make bargains with the Folk, but I am the one who can lie. The Folk should be warned to never make bargains with me." Takes place right after The Wicked King! Exiled to the mortal world, Jude begins to lose hope of returning to Elfhame. And revenge is not the only t...

  • Automatic Loveletter & Juliet Simms Lyrics
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    This "story" is going to be full of Automatic Loveletter and Juliet Simms lyrics! I would have made them separate but there are some songs that no one knows for sure if they are a Juliet Simms song or an Automatic Loveletter song. So I decided to make a combined "story" so that way there won't be any clashes of like "...