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  • Fantasy Forest (Yandere boys x reader)
    218K 10K 33

    A yandere story featuring a merman, a werewolf, and an elf. Every year a human is chosen from a local village to deliver messages to the forest king. The forest is full of monsters and mysteries and not all humans who enter return. This year you were chosen.

  • Her
    477 65 13

    When you fall in love, you typically have a chance. In every love story, things go just the way the protagonist wants. The protagonist ends up with who they loved first or whoever they truly loved most and have a happily ever after, fairy-tale style. Life isn't like that. Life has real people with valid feelings. Rea...

  • [Mystic Messenger] Han Jumin - You're Perfect, Babe
    1.1K 30 2

    Listen, honey. I love you and your everything.

  • Jealousy (Jealous!Mika X Yuu X Reader)
    62.9K 1.6K 20

    After finally reuniting with Yuichiro- Mikaela Hyakuya is very displeased to see that Yuu has made a solid relationship with a girl named (Your Name), his jealousy drives him to treating the young girl very badly only to receive kindness back from her. "W-Why are you being nice to me? We are enemies, remember?!" Will...

  • Silver Snake (Yandere Prince x Reader)
    226K 6.5K 29

    A kingdom in need of a ruler finds itself tricked unknowingly by their enemy. Their princess, Y/N, is in the hands of the enemy prince, unable to escape without facing charges with treason. Currently editing it to be published... Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #137 #4 in Manipulation 😈 #9 in Fairytales #2 obsession

  • Yandere Kouha Ren x Reader (Magi)
    137K 4.7K 22

    When your village was raided and you were sold off as a slave, you never imagined you would gain the love of a prince. However, this was a prince you wished you had never met.

  • Little Dragon Warrior [Akatsuki no Yona x Reader]
    238K 8.2K 47

    (COMPLETED) Meet Yona, the cherished princess of the 'peaceful' kingdom of Kouka. When something terrible happens on the night of her sixteenth birthday, Yona is forced to escape her luxurious life with her childhood friend and guardian, Hak Son. Now, persistent to gain her throne back, Yona decides to look for the fo...

  • One Option ( Levi X Reader)
    6.3K 188 6

    What happens when your best friend is in love with someone who you also love? What would you feel? You only have 3 options 1. Accept it which is giving him away for her. 2. Don't talk to them for the rest of your life. 3. Apologize to her and compete for him. Choose only one option. But remember that choosing any of...

  • Yours truly (Levixreader)
    20K 686 41

    (Y/n) always seemed to get herself stuck in dangerous situations. She was relentless. But that's what Levi loved about her. She never gave up. But what he didn't know is she had feelings for him. But she couldn't accept the fact that she had fallen for him. (Completed) (re-editing some chapters) Disclaimer: I do not o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hide and Don't Scream [Yandere!Alois Trancy X Reader]
    121K 3.2K 5

    [Yandere!Alois Trancy x F!Reader] Alois has chased you around the globe, now you must play dangerous games to ensure your freedom. But what lengths will he go to keep you?

  • Once Upon a December (OHSHC)
    650K 25.4K 26

    They were cold, and she was warm. They were mean, and she was kind. But most of all, they saw cruelty, and she saw hope. They first crossed paths on a snowy day. A stroke of luck, or perhaps a curse. She wanted to thaw their hearts, to break down the barrier between her and them. But the time wasn't right, and she onl...

  • The Broken Type (OHSHC fanfic)
    331K 12.9K 39

    Camille Bellitonia is one half of a set of twins. The other half is her brother Cameron who recently passed away. Her life was falling apart as she watched her brother slowly slipping. When Cameron finally let go, Camille shut herself down. She refused to speak to anyone again. That was until she was shipped off by he...

  • So The Games Begin [Ciel x Reader x Sebastian]
    667K 21.5K 22

    Ciel x Reader x Sebastian Black Butler --------------------------------- When Elizabeth brings her best friend (You) along to her stay at the Phantomhive Manor you find yourself stuck in quite a mess. You've caught both the eye of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis. There are a few problems involved...

  • Unseen (Kuroshitsuji)
    247K 10.5K 28

    After another day of school you come home to relax, work on some homework. Just a casual afternoon for you. Except there's much more to come then just relaxing and homework.

  • WANTED (Sequel to One Hell of a Maid)
    163K 9.3K 47

    Ebony is back and with a new case on her hands. But this time there's a twist. The case is in America. Will Ciel survive the "bloody yanks." Will Ebony be able to deal with Sebastian, the demonic butler? Read to find out. Disclaimer: I do not own Black Butler in any way shape or form! I only own my plot and my o...

  • One Hell of a Maid (Black Butler FanFiction)
    459K 19.5K 36

    "Alright last question, Sebastian?" Ciel asks, letting his butler ask the final question. "Will you obey the young master's every wish and live up to the Phantomhive servant's good name?" Sebastian asks, his face all seriousness. "Yes," I say Then with a small grin I say, "And I promise you I'll be one hell of a maid...

  • Let Me Be Your Hero (Yato x OC)} Noragami fanfiction
    394K 18.9K 56

    I got hurt by others And hurt them back. Others hated me But I didn't care. At least it looked like I didn't care. And then I met THEM. And with THEM, I also met HIM. They became my friends. He claimed to become a hero in order to help me, changing myself. A hero... MY hero... I fell in love with him... But of course...

  • Music Room (Shu x Reader)
    151K 6.6K 12

    'Why do I need to suffer?' You thought as the tears made its way down your face. Your precious camera was banging against your chest as you ran away from, your family, your friends, everyone. You pushed the first door you spot in a hallway with no people, thinking it was the bathroom. But no, instead it was the music...

  • Fruits Basket Kyo x Reader
    133K 4.6K 17


  • Ouran Sisters {OHSHC+}
    267K 10.5K 46

    {First Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kaoru Division ~ 2016} {Second Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kaoru Division 2015} Top Placement In {OHSHC}: #5 In {Kaoru}: #2 PART ONE IS COMPLETED HEAVY EDITING IN PROCESS //// When my sister Haruhi and I are accepted into Ouran Academy I just knew something was going to go wrong... Haruhi, be...

  • Who Are You? (Ohshc x Reader) [COMPLETED]
    540K 16K 43

    When Y/N finally returns to school after 9 years of homeschool, she's in for a treat. She is disguised as a boy for her own reasons, joins the host club including her company's enemy, and meets new and old enemies and friends along the way. Who knew a Tsundere/Kuudere could know and hide so much?

  • Ouran High School Host Club x Reader
    1.4M 50.1K 45

    Hi! I hope you enjoy!! Comment, heart, vote, and all that stufffsss~!

  • My Brother's Best Friends // 5sos
    2M 58.4K 48

    Being Michael Clifford's sister is nothing but a burden. Skyler hates the fact she has to put up with his horrible pranks and behaviour. That is until he becomes friends with 3 very attractive boys with the names of Calum, Luke and Ashton.

  • Rejection
    1M 31.8K 30

    Bullied, Abused, Hated , Rejected... It was how she felt. Everyday. All day. All the time. She turned 16 the golden age for rare wolves. She made her painful shift. Bones breaking painful howling. But no one dare come to help her. No one wanted to be with her or help her. The Black Moon pack all rejected her. Then whe...

  • Possesive,abusive,player, my mate
    178K 4.6K 19

    Miya Ryan's is the loser of the pack. Everyone started abusing her even her brother, because they thought her dads death was her fault. When she thought it couldn't get worse she finds out the alpha, one of her abusers is her mate. WARNING some curse words (complete)

  • My Bully (Luke Hemmings Fan-Fic)
    144K 5.4K 20

    A girl is having trouble, when she came back to school last year her old best friend was different, he was mean to her, and this year is no different. She is tired of getting pushed around by him and wants to know the reason behind his sudden change, she also struggles with issues at home and self image problems, will...

  • Alphas Baby
    784K 19.9K 24

  • His Game!
    3M 65.1K 35

    Carver isn't a guy you want to mess with- he's a ruthless gang leader! Dakota is a shy, quiet, well mannered girl who dreams of love. on Christmas Eve she's walking home when she's pulled into an alley way and raped by the notirious gang leader Carver but his identity is unknown to her. three months later she finds ou...

  • My Ex Is Now My Next Door Neighbor
    2.3M 22.9K 12

    Julie can't believe her luck. (Note the huge sarcasm) Her ex-boyfriend, Seb, just moved in next door. Now she has to go to the same school with him again. If she was the one who broke up with him, she would have been fine. But she wasn't. Seb broke up with her, and she still hasn't gotten an explanation. Julie's forci...