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  • Soulmate Survey | The Music Freaks Fanfiction
    16.8K 584 18

    There is this app called "Soulmates Survey", which was recently released to England. With Jake joining the music club and his friends starting to leave him alone, the real surprise is that..his soulmate is someone he least expected. (The Music Freaks belongs to my mother, RosyClozy. This is just a fanfiction so it is...

  • A Change of Heart - A Glitter Force Doki Doki Fanfic
    22.3K 560 11

    SPOILERS AND CRINGE WARNING! The war with the Glitter Force and King Mercenare is over. Everything is back to normal, and life goes on. But Rachel can't help but think... What's missing in this happy ending? Cover art belongs to me! Please don't steal! :3 Every other picture in this fanfic does NOT belong to me! Sorry...