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  • Never Forgotten 2nd Draft
    92 10 17

    This is my 2nd draft!! Things will be altered but I want to let some people read this!!! This is mildly edited but there will probably be some inconsistencies (specifically with MC's internal voice [shown in italics]). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anything can lurk...

  • Nothing but thieves
    269 35 3

    Adam Rovers and his group of friends are nothing more than thieves. Once you enter the group, you don't leave it without being harmed. Everyone knows who they are, they are known as the toxic soldiers. They are feared and recognised by their signature accessory. A neon green bracelet. Which they all show with all too...

  • Ghost Boy
    26 4 1

    Being dead is not as glorious as people think, and Theodore Hamilton will be the first to argue the point. After dying in a car accident nearly 3 months ago, Theo has been bored out of his mind and his depression is worse than ever. When he meets a mysterious blue-eyed boy, things start to change for Theo. But change...

  • V is for Vampire
    50 9 2

    "She's got a method of killing. Pulling you in like you're gonna start kissing. Sucking your blood until your heart stops beating." (Daylight - 5SOS)

  • Salted Caramel Coffee (COMPLETED!)
    5.3K 830 28

    In the year 3062, every child is given a job the day that they're born that they must carry out from the age of fourteen until the end of their lives. Emma Wolfe, a fifteen year old girl from Arkansas, is one of only twenty people chosen to be writers in the entire country. The only problem? Emma hates writing. ...

  • The Calligrapher
    88 18 8

    "I am Asas of Culnage. I'm twenty summers old, and from far beyond this kingdom. I don't remember where my parents brought me from, but my skin is darker than that of most of my village, and my hair grows black and shiny. I get woken up with hammers, feed the dragon, and make knives for the witch next door. Most of ou...

  • VITS (Violins In The Silence-Novel)
    546 60 11

    Cora Keely Smith was as irregular as a pink haired deaf girl could be. But when an outsider sneaks into the coutry of Krigia, she soon learns it's not just her appearance that's irregular-it's her life too.

  • Destination: EARTH
    439 32 3

    On planet Lukarana, every five years two hundred children are selected to go down to Earth to control the population of the small planet. Scientists on Earth have been taking notice and decide to take a closer look.

  • Every Rose has its Thorn
    216 26 2

    Rose is working for an organization called Thorns where the primary goal is to get the criminals that the police can't, however the way they get the criminals is against the law, but the ends justify the means. Or do they? There's a grey area Rose doesn't know about involving what happens to the criminals after they'r...

  • Miss Ruth's Home for Renegades, Misfits, and Other Such Beings
    53 4 3

    "I am none of those things. So why am I here?" "Now you're asking the right questions!"