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  • youth ; jaeyong
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    because when we're young, we do stupid things. we all make mistakes. jaehyun makes the mistake of trusting taeyong, only to have his entire life flipped upside down in the matter of a couple months. but no matter what, jaehyun can't stop coming back to taeyong, even if he doubts that taeyong really cares. after all, i...

    Completed   Mature
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    " afterimages of you dig into me like vibrations "

  • dimple ♡ jaeyong
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    "You have really cute dimples by the way." said Taeyong. "Th-thanks? I g-guess. You're ve-very attractive too. I'm sorry, that came out weirdly." Jaehyun says while stuttering and turning red. Taeyong laughs. "You're really cute Jaehyunie." dimple™ [COMPLETE] by baefics

  • My monster [ taeyong ]
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    -❝i'm not into watching sunsets, but i'd love to see you go down❞ he winked at me while smirking as he snaked his hands around my waist against the wall ❝ this is the most cringest thing i've ever heard come up with something new❞ i said with annoyance ❝then tell your boobs to stop staring at me❞ lee taeyong the fu...

  • abuse - yuwin
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    in which Sicheng gets abused by everyone except Yuta. This is really angsty for my adorable yuwin children, but thats okay. TRIGGER WARNING: eating disorder abuse self-harm Suicide talk

  • The Wrong Roommate •JAEYONG•
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    Taeyong is tricked into sharing rooms with a total stranger by Ten, and he goes with the flow because, Jung Jaehyun is gorgeous and he is his roommate. ** Author: namnamee Warning: This is not my story.