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  • #Kabirsingh
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    It is always easy for us to give advice- ask someone to stop doing something, or asking them to get their life together. But when it comes to us, we fail. All the time. Such is the story of a smoker Kabir Singh, and an alcoholic Rahul. Who's idea lives, and whose soul rests in peace. Read on to find out.

  • Phantasm. #KabirSingh
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    A story on what ensued from the appearance of Rahul Jaykar, an alcoholic singer in the life of Kabir Singh, a flawed surgeon. #KabirSinghContest

  • When Kabir Met Rahul! #KabirSingh
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    Winner of #KabirSingh Contest by T-series What happens when Kabir Singh meets Rahul Jaykar! My entry for #KabirSingh contest! (: