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  • Ask SMG4 incorrect quotes
    3.5K 91 20

    This is just some incorrect quotes me and @kalxco_ came up with and think are hilarious.

  • SMG4 Adventures
    1.3K 14 4

    It's like SMG4 but written! There's classic characters and OCs, galore. There's no "modern" SMG4 characters as this story was written in early 2016, when only Boopkins and Bob were a thing and they were not main characters. Nevertheless, enjoy! [Cover drawn by me]

  • SMG4 Short Stories and One Shots
    4.3K 44 8

    Fuck it everyone else is making them I'll make one too Welcome to my SMG4 Short Stories and Oneshots! Where I either post a oneshot fanfiction regarding SMG4 characters, or I post a short series of chapters for a series not exactly long enough to warrant it's own book. Current Short Stories - The Villain Squad (CONTA...

  • The T-Pose Apocalypse (SMG4 X Reader)
    6K 69 19

    You, SMG4 and Mario try to stop Waluigi's apocalypse.

  • Smg4 and the Crystal Dimensions
    90 1 1

    Smg4,Mario,and Friends stumble upon a hidden crystal after defeating bowser for the thousandth time. X decides to examine it that's when colored lights corresponding with each friend zaps them and they end up in opposite worlds. Will Smg4 and friends be able to meet up and figure out who caused this? or Will they rema...