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  • HongIce: Brother Troubles.
    2.1K 115 4

    Emil Steilsson would forever remain single throughout his entire high school life. Why? His brother. His brother's boyfriend. His cousin. And his cousin's fiancé. Nothing seemed to go right for the teen, until Leon came along.

  • Group Chat2 (Spamano, HongIce, Prucan)
    9.8K 413 13

    •The sequel to the first Group Chat• The six are all together with their respective partners and things seem to be going well... Except for the fact they don't get to see each other.

  • The Danish Slaughterhouse
    54.4K 1.7K 24

    This story isn't mine but I thought I would upload this to wattpad so then it might be easier to read but anyway this story belong to IntraSule I believe so enjoy x

  • Gutters
    29K 1.3K 20

    Belongs to glassamilk on

    Completed   Mature
  • [hetalia] did you really mean it?
    36 2 2

    You think this is good? HA ITS FUCKING SUCKS And it's bad but I love attention so have it! And I like the story line for some reason!

  • Hetalia zodiac
    61.6K 6.1K 117

    Dal titolo si capisce tutto. {#wattys2018}

  • Immagini di Hetalia
    6.2K 1.1K 63

    Preparatevi al disagio :) #wattys2018

  • "Mi ha amato fin dal Novecento"
    8K 592 5

    Genere:Drammatico. Allora, premetto che l'intera storia non è mia, ho preso spunto da una doujinshi ''Der Erste Stern" e volevo scriverla sottoforma di storia, quindi tutti i diritti riservati all'autore (?) Chi non conosce Hetalia, non può capire di cosa si sta parlando quindi non scrivete che non ha senso :) Coppie...