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    calum hood imagines

  • babysitter • cth
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    i knew it was wrong, but it felt right to me.

  • End Up Here (5 Seconds of Summer: Calum Hood)
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    "So go ahead and tell me that there's nothing between us. Because I would say that you're wrong." Robbie shook her head, "No. You're right. You're right, Cal." How did we end up here?

  • skin | c.h
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    "She's not my type.. she's..she's too-" "Too fat?" In which Calum Hood is forced to try and fix the band's reputation with a girl he isn't attracted to.

  • human ↦ calum hood {au}
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    COMPLETED | "Make me feel like I am breathing, feel like I am human."

  • thin walls / calum hood
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    She sings when she's home alone; he asks her to keep it down. {highest ranking: #2 fanfiction} © 2015 by dimplefeels

  • dickaphobia ➲ c.h
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    dickaphobia; (n) the fear of dicks and being creeped out by them. © sleepydrummers 2k15 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #26 in Humor/#129 in Fanfiction

  • bandages || calum hood
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    ❝i don't know whether it was the way she bit her bottom lip in concentration, her eyebrows furrowed to focus on one spot, her straight jet black ponytail swayed every movement she made, or how her brown almond shaped eyes squinted. all i know is that i found myself becoming more than willing to get injured just to see...

  • strawberry gum ➳ c.h. au
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    "how much do you know?" "too much for both of our likings." || © dimple-ashton all rights reserved

  • Nudes
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    Life gets colorful sometimes, Pink, yellow, and if you so desire, green; Post-its below fridge magnets- Forgetfulness wiping cognitive boards cleans.

    Completed   Mature
  • baby girl (discontinued)
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    "you like it when daddy calls you kitten?" (c.h)

  • chasing love ;; cth
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    ❝You chased me for a long time, so I figured it was time for me to chase you.❞ copyright © paradisin || 2014

  • College ➳ Calum Hood
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    they say that college is meant to be the best time of your life, right?

  • The Baby Project. C.H. (A.U.)
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    "This is no ordinary thing, our love." -SEQUEL TO THE BOYFRIEND PROJECT.-

  • Mafia || Calum Hood (COMPLETED)
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    "My name is Calum Hood. I have a secret. I am the Mafia don's son, and my mission? To eliminate the president's daughter--Mia Roux."

  • imperfections: cth
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    "You see, my biggest fear is that, one day you will see me as I see myself." Or in which a troubled boxer finds himself falling for the innocent girl who likes to watch him in the ring.

  • yearbook ✂ c.h.
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    "They're for the yearbook, I promise." ---------------- Just a girl named Ester Murphy who was pushed into a world she was too shy to walk into herself. © Copyright 2014 hemmingslaugh •• IDEA - LUKEGUITARS. I GIVE HER ALL CREDIT! (A/N 6/12/2016:: I am really sorry to anyone who reads this its quite horrific. That's al...

  • friday, i'm in love · calum hood [au]
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    friday, never hesitate

  • Waiting :: cth
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    "Then I looked up at you and caught a glimpse of your face, oh how beautiful that face was." A short story.

  • neighbour // c.h
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    What happens when Calum Hood, the guy that parents warned their children about, moves in next door?

  • complementary {cth}
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    "oh calum, don't you see? i'm green and you're red; we're opposites." "but they compliment each other so nicely, don't you think?" all rights reserved © 2015 | awemichael { completed }

    Completed   Mature
  • tumblr anon. ◆ calum hood
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    he didn't want her to commit suicide, she wanted to know who he was [highest rankings #54 FanFiction / #24 Short Story]

  • error || c.h
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    in which he sends her texts that she'll never read - @tangiblelxke 2015 all rights reserved [lowercase intended]

  • Desperate ~ Calum Hood (au)
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    He had everything....but she had nothing Book 1/4 of the Misunderstood series. ©Copyright - 2014/2015 CakeMashtonLover ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #4 calumhood #25 5sosfanfic 2018

  • daddy material | calum hood
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    "i think you're definitely daddy material." "but..i don't have any kids." in which she thinks that he's daddy material and wants him all to herself. [interracial] © BookOfBandz 2018 started : (august 6th, 2018) finished : (september 15th, 2018)

    Completed   Mature
  • dirty texting // cth //
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    "who are you and why did you send me that?"

  • The Boyfriend Project. C.H. (A.U.) {COMPLETED}
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    "Calum please don't go." I plead desperately. "I can't stay." He says coldly before grabbing his bag and walking to the door. "Cal.." I reach out for him but he flinches away. "It's feels like you put a knife through my chest and pushed it right through to the,other side of my back." His eyes are glassy and I fe...

    Completed   Mature
  • okay, daddy. ↠ c.h (daddy kink) au
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    the internet was a dangerous place, but she failed to see that, for she was a 16 year old, in love with a 25 year old man.

    Completed   Mature
  • sex // hood
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    it's the sex you want, not the person.

    Completed   Mature
  • iMessage/ calum hood
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    "hi, it's me beyonce. Just kidding it's Calum." Book 1 & 2